Digimon’s Biggest Unanswered Question Investigation

In all of this, we must also ask ourselves what the dark ocean itself is. It involves being a dimension or a world that is not the digital world, especially since Kari can access it without using any of the Digi-World doors. We only see a small part of the world. The ocean, a beach, the lighthouse, an abandoned city and a tunnel.

The only other clues we have to trying to decipher what the Dark Ocean is comes from his clear influence, HP Lovecraft. Dragomon might as well be called Cthullumon given his appearance and the way he comes out of the sea. A clear link is made in the Japanese episode when a text card appears just before the title card, written in “digicode “. This is basically the Digimon alphabet and thanks to TMS on the Digimon With the Will forums, we know that translates to “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”.

In Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu” story, this translates to “In his house in R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” This would imply that Dagmon is in fact Cthulhu! This could mean a number of things for the multiverse of Digimon but just reading it on the tin matches the dark creatures’ statement in the Japanese episode that they “would wait for the time.” We can now reasonably extrapolate that they are waiting for the moment when Dragomon, aka their god, wakes up. Most likely to help them in their fight against Emperor Digimon… or maybe something bigger.

With all of this information, as fragmented as it is, what can we reasonably guess that the black ocean is? Perhaps, since the digital world is made of data, the black ocean is the black screen between 1s and 0s in the digital world code. A place that must exist for more “code” to be written but which is barren of all life. Dragomon and the Dark Creatures could have been banished there a long time ago but before that it was an empty world, only carrying code fragments around it (the city, the lighthouse, etc.) that also aligns with the Digital World, which also contains fragments of real-world machines and structures (trains, buildings, etc.) This proximity to the digital world code is further reinforced by the fact that people or Digimon could fall into it through “Phase distortions” like Kari, Ken and Yolei did. The black ocean is a world between a world. A world which needs to exist for the sake of another world but which is not really a world apart. A world you hardly ever see but if you see it… it’s nothing.

It’s no surprise that the dark ocean continues to captivate and frustrate Digimon fans all these years later. A gigantic story was brought up, which was of particular significance to fan favorite characters, Kari and Ken. He could have widened the scope of by Digimon world, bringing a power beyond anything the team had ever encountered. The “what if? Of it all holds great power over the fans. It’s a shame the show dropped something that could have been so compelling.

However, maybe its lack of resolution isn’t a bad thing. It makes Digimon’s world more mysterious. There is more going on than the battles that children have. There are other forces at work. Powerful forces that have their own goals apart from mere destruction or lust for power.

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