Your community: Books to Go kits

Each themed kit contains a curated selection of books, audio, DVD and activity sheet to help foster a love of reading and early development of literacy skills.

Johnson County Library’s Books to Go kits support the 6 by 6, Ready to Read early literacy initiative by making it easy and convenient to bring the library into your home or early education center. Books to Go kits give you and your child a variety of ways to enjoy and explore ABCs, Bugs, Colors, and more.

The Library’s 6 by 6, Ready to Read skills are skills that children learn before they learn to read. Reading, singing, speaking, rhyming, playing with shapes and enjoying playing with books are essential skills for children long before they even start learning their letters. Reading, singing and rhyming give a child invaluable experience listening to the music and rhythms of the English language. Talking improves a child’s future vocabulary – long before they are able to imitate the words they hear, the amount of words they are exposed to has a huge positive effect on future reading enjoyment, grades and test success. Naming and manipulating shapes helps children identify letters in the future. And play with books; imitating adults turning pages, opening and closing books, and moving pages from side to side stimulates motor skill development and teaches children that books are fun. Books to Go kits encourage all of these skills, in an easy-to-grasp package ready for your family to enjoy.

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