Bury the power lines to keep Florida’s lights on

Bury our power lines

Nicole Cuts Power to Thousands of People in Tampa Bay and Across Florida | November 10

After every major hurricane there is always a cry to bury the power lines. After Hurricane Ian, 2.1 million Florida Power & Light customers lost power. FPL states on their website that “underground power lines are more reliable than overhead lines”, but they use “aerial standard as the most cost effective type of construction”. Then the utility announced plans to collect $1.1 billion from customers to pay for power restoration after Ian. Gathering information from the utility’s website, I conclude that cost is preferred over reliability. Adding up all the direct costs of restoring power and the indirect costs to Florida’s economy, it makes sense for me to bury the lines. How sad is it that we are in 2022 and have a system that depends on wires hanging from poles?

Ben Furleigh, Port Charlotte

Honor our veterans

veterans day

Today, on this Veterans Day, let us share our gratitude and appreciation to our veterans and their families for their unimaginable sacrifice and service to our nation. Today — and every day — let us honor these heroes not only with our words but also with our actions.

Paul Bacon, Hallandal Beach

Summer time all year round

How Florida, the nation’s biggest swing state, turned dark red | November 10

As a “blue voter”, I am disappointed with the results of the midterm elections in Florida. But even I could support a Republican who promises — and delivers — year-round DST in Florida.

Charles Lehnert, downtown sun

Don’t feel so free

Florida GOP sweep | November 9

Freedom won in Florida? Are you serious? With all these new state laws — many of which limit my personal and professional freedoms — enacted by the GOP-dominated Florida Legislature this year, I don’t think so.

David Bourg, Tampa

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