9 memes that perfectly sum up Indiana Jones as a character

With Indiana Jones 5 on the way, everyone’s favorite archaeologist with a whip sneaks back to the internet. Where there’s a great character from an even bigger franchise, there are memes, and Indy is no exception. Although an avatar of the 80s, Indiana Jones is also proving himself as a man of the 2020s.

Memes celebrating (or poking fun at) Indy’s exceptional personality, shaped in part by his adventures, help introduce him to a whole new generation. Most of them build on iconic scenes from the franchise’s first three films, but there’s always room for more.


If Indy had a little brother

Every newcomer to the crowd recognizes that sometimes it’s the only way to spend time in front of a screen. Unfortunately, older children know full well that this usually comes at their expense.

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This moment of LEGO Indiana Jones probably wouldn’t have worked as a meme if Indy hadn’t shown such strong energy for the only child. According MindBodyGreen, only children tend to show independence, autonomy, high self-esteem and a lot of ambition. This should sound familiar to Jones Fans.

Indiana Jones: Baby Daddy

The first three IndianaJones The films took inspiration from the life of James Bond by granting him a curious exemption from paternity, despite having a special daughter in each film and a night spent together at each scene change. Much like 007, Jones’ playboy lifestyle contributed heavily to his character and popularity.

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But Indiana Jones’ promiscuity caught up with him in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth installment of the franchise. Set in the 1950s, the film gave one of Indy’s lovers from the first film plenty of time to raise a child. To his credit, an older Jones, perhaps befitting his older years, settled down and maintained his involvement in his son’s life.

Trying to change the history – Ending up with a car warranty ad

Although recently under fire from pop culture criticism for plowing fields riddled with holes, IndianaJones the films relied heavily on the mystical elements of a culture or religion to grab viewers’ attention. Indiana Jones’ passion for archeology led him on complex adventures, but he almost always ended up empty-handed.

These elements came up against Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which saw Indy on an exciting race to find the Ark of the Covenant, but some argue it had no real effect on the plot. It was about as disappointing as seeing a real letter in the mailbox, only to open it to find an advertisement for your vehicle’s extended warranty.

Evolution of a teacher

Fans don’t see much of Indiana Jones in the classroom, but when they do, he’s fresh as August, with swooning female students. It helps to add to his Bond-like mystique, but every college professor knows there was no way Indy would spend so much time “in the field,” so to speak, if he didn’t first run through a full semester from time to time. some time.

Much of the motivation for these action adventures came from Dr. Jones’ fascination with the ancient world, as well as his open-minded nature. Ironically, his life as a teacher prepared him well to climb the snake pits.

Not a man who goes to church

While Indiana Jones may operate in part on a fascination with other religions (and even a bit of magic), it’s worth noting that he didn’t get down on his own knees and converted. The events of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark alone would have put other men in a monastery for life.

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But Indiana Jones isn’t most men. In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, his agnosticism (because, as this quote shows, he believes in God) was challenged to also include the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms. True to his school nature, Indy was ready to ride the alien train as far as it would take.

Knock down the house

There are a lot of them, aren’t there? An element that is consistent throughout Indiana Jones franchise is – in addition to many Ionic characters – an adventure that includes at least one ancient temple that spectacularly crumbles to dust.

Real-life archaeologists spend a lot of time on excavations, brushing off tons of dirt with toothbrushes so as not to disturb the site or damage the artifacts. Indiana Jones’ method probably isn’t the friendliest way to wrap up an investigation, but on the other hand, he doesn’t present himself as the most patient guy in the world.

Bring a gun to a sword fight

The behind-the-scenes story of this instantly classic scene from The Raiders of the Lost Ark is courtesy of forever iconic Indian Jones portrait painter Harrison Ford.

As Ford once confirmed on a Reddit AMA, Indy was set to engage in an elaborate sword vs. whip fight with his impressive opponent. However, the exhausted leading man was suffering from dysentery on location in Tunisia, and when the day of filming arrived he asked somewhat seriously, “Can’t I just shoot him?” There’s a lot of Ford in Jones, so if it seems Indy and Han Solo had a lot of humor (and just the right use of a gun) to offer the audience, it’s no accident.

Everything can happen

Some reliable truths hold this franchise together, including Indiana Jones’ fear of snakes, but those third-act twists are what turn the movies into blockbusters.

Perhaps the starkest example of this is that Lucasfilm was willing to (sort of) let the good guy lose. For example, in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark the protagonist saved the Ark of the Covenant from falling into the worst possible hands, but the prize certainly didn’t end up where viewers might have expected.

Avoid the obvious

Part of what sets Indiana Jones apart from most action heroes is his academic background and his aptitude with foreign languages. He had his dad to thank for that, as fans learned in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and in fact, this chapter of the franchise installed Indiana Jones and his father, an all-time beloved father-son couple.

One of the most exciting moments of last crusade depended on Indiana Jones’ knowledge of the Latin alphabet, which involved a trick question of his own, an Indy performed at the last possible second. With that kind of brain, there was no fear of the main man reaching for the plate. Although, unlike everyone else, he probably noticed he was there.

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