How many at the Trump rally?

With early voting underway, let’s make sense of the inflation issue.

The COVID pandemic has suppressed economic activity to the point that entire industries have been idle for the better part of two years. Demand fell so low that it even briefly produced negative oil prices.

Bouncing off these pandemic lows, it was inevitable that an inflationary spike would come next. And you see it all over the world, affecting countries that have followed long-standing conservative policies and others with long-standing progressive policies. Just ask former British Prime Minister Liz Truss how things went.

With this surge in inflation, there are simply bigger forces at work: the rebound itself, supply chain disruptions, price gouging and the war in Ukraine.

In this post-COVID world, you’re better off using a magic eight ball to decide how to vote than using the current rate of inflation. A better filter would be candidates who genuinely believe in accepting election results, even when they lose.

John Hornbeak

Tio Beto has a beautiful ring

Thanks to Felix Gonzalez for his letter about Tio Greg and his shameful hypocrisy.

When I first heard the ad, I found it amusing because it was such a ploy to attract a certain segment of voters. In that vein, my mother had a beloved brother, Beto. We knew him as Uncle Beto but we never met him.

So if I ever meet Beto O’Rourke, maybe he won’t mind if I call him “Uncle Beto”.

Rachel V. Diaz-Kennon

How many at the rally?

Re: “Trump rips O’Rourke, praises Texas GOP leaders”, Front Page, October 24:

Wouldn’t you think that in the Express-News cover story about Donald Trump’s rally, the paper would report the number of people who attended? I guess that might sound too favorable to the newspaper’s taste.

William Malec, Fredericksburg

Editor’s note:

Although no attendance figures are given in the story, the reporter included descriptions of crowd sizes.

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