Readers discuss Helzer, Jones and Holocaust deniers

Helzer believes in mental health

As a mental health professional who has practiced in a school setting, the increase in mental health issues among students is a major concern. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that 20% of children between the ages of 13 and 18 suffer from a mental health disorder. And 50% of mental health diagnoses begin at age 14; however, there is an average delay of 10 years before these children receive interventions for their symptoms. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among children aged 10 to 14.

Teachers, school counselors and other staff have struggled in the 2021-22 school year to adequately respond to the increased behavioral and emotional needs of children. When children experience intense emotions and behaviors in the classroom, it prevents them from learning. It also hinders the learning ability of their classmates due to disruptive behaviors that require immediate attention from their teacher. In order to fully meet the needs of children, we need the right supports in place to ensure their emotional safety and well-being.

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District 6 needs a candidate who can speak out for the needs of children, especially their mental health. Danielle Helzer is the candidate we need. She believes in mental health. She advocates for increased mental and behavioral health support for students. Danielle also recognizes the importance of ensuring staff have access to adequate mental health support to reduce teacher burnout. Meeting the emotional and mental health needs of students and staff will help schools teach our children in the healthiest and safest environment possible.

Jones supports teachers, parents

On November 8, we have a clear choice for the State Board of Education. Protect Nebraska Children PAC endorses Sherry Jones, who agrees with our position statements. 1) Students deserve to learn in an environment free from identity politics. 2) Parents deserve to have their concerns and rights respected. 3) Teachers deserve to teach in an environment free from coercion. 4) Students, staff and families deserve to have their personal data protected. 5) Special interest organizations should not control what our students learn.

Sherry Jones has spent her life in education. She wants to end identity politics and bring the focus of our schools back to reading and math skills. She sees a need to reaffirm the expectation that teachers, families and this country should be respected by students. Sherry also wants to reign in wasteful spending at the Nebraska Department of Education.

In contrast, Danielle Helzer is in favor of racial and gender ideology and teaching political activism to students. It would be a vote to bring back those standards. She supports Black Lives Matter.

These two candidates couldn’t be more different in their philosophies.

Sherry Jones is the State Board of Education member we need to bring sanity back to Nebraska schools.

Helzer supports democracy

Public education is essential to the success of a democratic republic. Danielle Helzer knows it by heart. As an educator, she is committed to discovering the strengths of public education. She is ready to work for a strong public education system in Nebraska.

When I met Danielle, I learned that she had what public education needed: respectful, innovative, accountable, knowledgeable, and consistent guidance that our public schools across the state of Nebraska can rely on. As a member of the Nebraska State Board of Education, Danielle will bring needed expertise to Nebraska while supporting local school boards.

Danielle Helzer knows she’s not the only one who has learned what strong public schools need. She listens, she collaborates, she speaks from her knowledge base. Danielle Helzer values ​​educators. She listens to their needs. Danielle Helzer values ​​parents. She hears their concerns. Danielle Helzer appreciates every schoolboy in Nebraska. She knows that they will grow up to be protectors and beneficiaries of the democracy in which they live.

Your vote counts. Your vote for Danielle Helzer will make the difference in this race. Join me in voting November 8 for Danielle Helzer, Nebraska State Board of Education representing District 6.

Drive out the deniers

There are many important issues facing us this election, but there is one issue at the heart of it all — if we are to continue our way of governing. Personally, my most important civic contribution is my vote, but the rhetoric has been your vote not counted or stolen. The most disturbing development was when 147 of our elected officials, for whom the vote clearly worked, told us that our vote didn’t count in trying to overturn the election.

Many of those 147 are trying to get re-elected or run for another office. Many newcomers are running for office who believe the same as these 147. If they don’t believe your vote matters, why should you reward them with your vote in 2022?

In 2016, we told complaining Hillary supporters, “Get over it.” This year we should tell Adrian Smith that we are voting to retire you!

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