British Prime Minister Liz Truss is set to be ousted by lawmakers this week

British lawmakers will try to oust Prime Minister Liz Truss this week despite Downing Street’s warning that it could trigger a general election, the Daily Mail reported.

More than 100 MPs from the ruling Conservative Party are set to submit letters of no confidence in Truss to Graham Brady, the leader of the Conservative Party committee organizing the leadership race, the tabloid reported, citing unnamed sources.

Britain, embroiled in a political crisis, has lost three prime ministers since voting to leave the European Union in 2016.

MPs will urge Brady to tell Truss that “his time is up” or change political party rules to allow an immediate vote of confidence in his leadership, according to the report.

Graham is said to be resisting the move, arguing that the Truss, along with newly appointed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, deserve a chance to set out an economic strategy in a budget on Oct. 31, the report added.

Separately, The Times reported that some lawmakers held secret talks about replacing Truss with a new leader. Truss, who won the Conservative Party leadership last month after promising to cut taxes, is fighting for his political survival after dropping key parts of the program.

The chaos has fueled discontent in the party, which trails the opposition Labor Party in opinion polls.

Amid Truss’ shaky rule, Britain’s new finance minister Jeremy Hunt will face an early test of his bid to stem the crisis of confidence in Prime Minister Liz Truss on Monday when the bond market delivers its verdict. on its weekend overhaul of its economic program. .

Earlier, Truss fired her friend Kwasi Kwarteng and appointed Hunt as her new Chancellor of the Exchequer on Friday in hopes of regaining some economic policy credibility and staying in Downing Street for just over a year. months after moving in.

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