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Nuclear fusion is the only clean source

In the August 4 letter to the editor, “Editorial on the need to reduce fossil fuels ignored nuclear energy”, Mr. Hans Bader asserts that “there is no better way to fight against global warming and to protect the environment than by developing nuclear energy”. I assume that by “nuclear energy”, Mr. Bader is referring to the current worldwide use of nuclear fission in power plants.

While I agree that any source of energy is better than burning fossil fuels, his statement that “nuclear energy is the safest form of energy” is incorrect. There is considerable toxic waste in spent fuel rods which must be disposed of safely underground.

The only non-polluting source of energy is nuclear fusion. Basically, this process is the source of heat and light energy for all stars in the universe, including, of course, our own sun. The conversion of hydrogen to helium results in excess matter, first discovered by Albert Einstein.

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Today, much research is underway, including at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, predicting a viable power plant by 2050. With recent multi-billion dollar funding from the Climate Change Study Commission by the Biden, our nation will once again assume global leadership in finding the ultimate source of limitless clean energy for planet Earth.

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