Assault rifles, disservice from Troy Balderson’s grave

People need to see the carnage

Someone has to ask the question: why is it impossible to remove assault rifles from the civilian market and remove them from society? Resistance and arms industry money are the immediate cause.

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But a more obvious factor is that we have never seen photographs of the carnage these weapons cause when used for the purpose for which they were designed: to kill large numbers of people quickly – not for hunting, not for target shooting, not for personal protection.

If we allow the public to see the carnage caused by assault weapons; that is, small unidentified bodies until DNA samples have been taken, as was the case in the Uvalde school massacre, we will stand up and say “no more “.

Second action: require a public liability insurance policy to buy a firearm.

Insurance companies will do their due diligence and gun owners will be careful about how they use a gun. You need insurance to use another potentially deadly weapon – an automobile. What’s more deadly than a gun?

Michael Greenman, Westervillee

Dick Wright - Biden's Mid-Term Strategy

System designed for wealthy, white male owners

In his August 24 letter, ‘Limiting Corporate Political Contributions’, David Smith (no relation) thinks that corporations that benefit from the Climate Bill etc. should not be allowed to make political contributions.

Since the Supreme Court said corporations are individuals and free to contribute without limits, should corporations that benefit in any way from taxpayer-funded benefits also be banned? Taxpayers subsidize all corporations.

Should corporations that benefit from the Cut Inflation Act be allowed to make political contributions?

Corporations also exploit our welfare system and our tax code to maximize their profits.

We pay food stamps for underpaid employees, making Walmart more profitable, we pay Medicaid for employees without benefits, we bailed out General Motors, Wall Street banks, and corporations that were too big to fail. , our tax dollars go to arms manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and virtually all farmers in the form of grants and payments. Should farmers be prohibited from contributing?

How about all corporations being barred from making political contributions and all individuals being limited to $50 per candidate per election and all remaining campaign funds going to the public treasury?

And what about ranked voting and eliminating the primary system so that you can choose your candidates instead of the two parties of interest who only represent the status quo despite the continuing dissatisfaction with the of them ? The country needs more political parties and fewer professional politicians.

It is high time to recognize that our system was designed to serve rich, white, landed men and never adequately served the needs of anyone else. By the way, I’m a relatively wealthy, white man, landlord.

JRome Smith, Christopher Columbus

Bad service from Balderson’s grave

My US Representative, Troy Balderson, recently emailed voters about the passage of the Cut Inflation Act.

His email was filled with misleading information, at best. As an example, he said the legislation will add “$30 billion to the national debt in its first 5 years.”

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However, analyzes have estimated that the legislation will effectively reduce the deficit over 10 years – according to the Congressional Budget Office, by $305 billion.

U.S. Representative Troy Balderson, R-Zanesville

I understand that as a Republican, Balderson has a different philosophy and beliefs than Democrats about effective approaches to solving the problems we all face, and then crafting legislation to solve those problems. But what I find indefensible is deliberately distorting facts and/or presenting misleading information to achieve one’s goals.

He is doing a great disservice to voters and our democracy by going down this path.

Michael McCullough, Christopher Columbus

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Letters to the Editor

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Biden shows government can work

Americans will soon see some of the benefits of the Cut Inflation Act: A 30% tax credit for windows, heat pumps or new energy-efficient appliances will reduce energy costs. A $2,000 annual cap on drug costs for people on Medicare. Reduced health care premiums for many. Over time, it will become easier for the country to switch to renewable energy.

US President Joe Biden (C) signs the Cut Inflation Act with Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) (L) and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D- SC) in the State Dining Room of the White House on August 16, 2022 in Washington, DC.  The $737 billion bill focuses on climate change, cutting health care costs and creating clean energy jobs by passing a 15% minimum corporate tax, a 1% fee on stock redemptions and strengthening IRS enforcement.

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These and other benefits will be possible because wealthy Americans and corporations will begin to bear a greater tax burden than they have paid since Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. other consequential legislation such as the US bailout, the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the CHIPS and Science Act and the PACT Act that Democrats passed with their narrow majority in Congress.

For decades, Republicans have asserted that private enterprise is more effective than government in providing the things Americans need. This has led them to try to stop the government from legislating or addressing the things that matter to ordinary people.

Biden and the Democrats have demonstrated the opposite: that government can work! The measures they have adopted are extremely popular: reducing medical costs, repairing bridges, access to broadband, investing in infrastructure and science and much more.

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Beverly Masek, Strongville

Summer Blood Shortage by Dave Granlund,

We want tougher gun laws

Associated Press August 24 article, “Poll: 71% in US say they want tougher gun laws”: 71% say it all.

Now do something about it, legislators.

John Stumpf, Worthington

Nan Whaley will make Ohio ‘welcoming’

Whether you live in a city, suburb, or rural area, most Ohioans believe that individuals have the right to make their own personal choices about their lives and the families they raise.

Our point of view:What does Ohio want to be?

We suddenly discover that Mike DeWine and our Republican politicians are enforcing their religious views into law, imposing government control over the intimate lives of all women and girls residing here. We citizens of Ohio deserve politicians who will protect the right to abortion.

Republican candidate for governor of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine and Democratic candidate Nan Whaley.

After:Letters: Look to the far right – you’ll find Mike DeWine. Abortion should be left to Ohio voters.

We can come together to make sure Ohio is a welcoming state for everyone of childbearing age by electing Nan Whaley as our pro-choice governor. We can give our state a bright future by restoring laws that guarantee our freedom and responsibility to make fundamental life choices in accordance with our own religious and ethical values.

This legal respect, combined with the prosperity ushered in by Intel, will attract forward-thinking students, families, and entrepreneurs to our state, knowing that they will enjoy the safety of world-class obstetric and gynecological care, and can engage in self-determined and productive activities. Lives.

Norma Butterfield, Mount Vernon

Dick Wright - Biden's Mid-Term Strategy
Summer Blood Shortage by Dave Granlund,

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