Letter: Nationalism never turns out well for the country | Letters

David Dreyer, in his Sunday column, hit the nail on the head.

However, he fails to mention five very important words that describe our last administration.

First, some definitions, all in “isms”.

Let’s start with chauvinism. Merriam Webster describes this as extreme chauvinism or nationalism characterized by belligerence towards other nations as a foreign policy.

OK, chauvinism is mentioned a lot. Webster describes it as excessive partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged. Also a belief that women are inferior.

Next, let’s try nationalism. Webster says, exalting one nation above all others and emphasizing the promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups (transcending national boundaries). The EU, for example.

People also read…

Next, misogynism. The word sounds like what it means, ergo; hatred, aversion or prejudice towards women. A culture that promotes violence and misogyny. Again from Webster.

Now I didn’t care about patriotism because we all know what that means. Right? Nope? OKAY. Patriotism; love of his country, warts and all.

A wise man told me that some time ago someone said: patriotism is love of one’s country. Nationalism is a hatred of all others.

Anyone listening? Sound familiar? What is your state of mind.

Our Republican candidate for the US Senate was supported by the man who is an outspoken nationalist, in his own words.

Kim Jung Un is a nationalist.

Hitler was a nationalist.

Mussolini was a nationalist.

Stalin was a nationalist.

It’s a long and growing list. Read the real story. Nationalism never turns out well for nations that are burdened with this kind of leadership.

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