Letter: Buffalo misses the mark with an aging convention center | Letters

Why is the Buffalo area continually missing out, year after year, on the many benefits the convention industry provides to a community and its citizens? This is because our area has a small, outdated, half-century-old, uncompetitive convention center.

Community leaders from other cities appreciate the value of the thousands of out-of-town conventioneers, etc., who bring into their communities: fresh imported dollars to spend in hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. local. All these millions of dollars are recirculated several times among the many local citizens and merchants. This further develops their local economies, which creates new jobs and additional sales taxes for their local treasuries. What a great industry. Convention goers do their jobs and then leave town without the need for additional roads, offices, schools, etc.

A recent visit to Pittsburgh and Indianapolis reinforced my thoughts on how Buffalo misses us in the convention industry. There were over 2,000 volleyball participants along with their parents, families and friends supporting them all in town for four days, spending millions on hotels, shops, restaurants and more, fueling their local economies. . The Buffalo News reports that job gains in the Buffalo area are lagging the rest of the United States

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What is Erie County doing? Instead of planning a much larger and competitive new convention center that takes years, we spend millions on our outdated convention center to make it more appealing to most locals? Buffalo wake up. These other cities do not have the luxury of having nearby the renowned wonder of Niagara Falls, historic architecture, etc., to help them attract conventions.

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