Letter: Canadian Covid-19 tests make visiting unpleasant | Letters

On Sunday August 14, I was heading to Niagara-on-the-Lake to see a play at the Festival Theatre. At Queenston Lewiston Bridge I was randomly selected to take a Covid test. The border agent said to my companion, the driver, as if I was not in the car: “Get Cathy to take the Covid test when she arrives at her destination. I was confused as I assumed that people ‘chosen’ for a test would stop at customs to take a quick test which would show whether or not I was fit to enter the country. No. It was a PCR test with complicated and unfriendly instructions.

I had to register online, make an appointment to be observed during the test, then pack and send the results via FedEx. I found a pharmacy in NOTL where a young man helped me register, a 15 minute process. I made an appointment for 4:20, after the play. Subsequently, I had to take the test (with online observer tracking) in the Festival hall. A kind usher, having completed her service, stayed with me while I took the test. After testing, I drove 10 miles to find a FedEx location in Sainte-Catherine. Testing and shipping took two hours. Of course, I was upset and stressed. Since I did not have immediate results, how does this protect Canadian citizens?

I have tickets for other plays, but I won’t be back. I’m not going to go back to that.

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