Letter: Dystopian Future

By Jim Lieb

Updated: 4 hours ago Published: 4 hours ago

In his July 22 commentary, Donald Mitchell suggests that abortion could have saved the lives of the victims of the Buffalo supermarket, New York, the school in Uvalde, Texas and the parade in Highland Park, Illinois – by preventing the creation of three mentally ill mass killers. . A few responses disagreed with his message, expressing the idea that those born into a bad family life can always pull themselves together and become OK, so they should be given the chance.

While Mitchell focused on the mass shootings, there are many other serious issues in our country, as well as across the planet, resulting from the actions of our species, which could also be minimized if only qualified/certified/ jurisdictions were allowed to have children.

In English high school in the mid-1950s, I read George Orwell’s novel, “1984″ (published in 1949), and wondered if this vision of a future world was possible. Could we one day live without freedom at all and almost all of our actions, including reproduction, be controlled by the government? Such a thought is abhorrent to most freedom-loving Americans, but if things continue as they are now, with climate disruptions, pollution, mass extinctions, overpopulation, and societal dysfunctions, the future world of George Orwell may well be our only chance of survival as a species.

—Jim Lieb


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