Letters to the Editor – August 12, 2022

Grech not fit for purpose

The latest ongoing ‘battle’ between former PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo and supposed PN leader Bernard Grech appears to have finally convinced even the Times of Malta that Grech is not cut out to be a leader who could inspire unity within the PN.

The August 5 Times of Malta editorial amply demonstrates this. He went so far as to say, “The PN may need major surgery, possibly amputation.” Does the Times of Malta see the possibility of a split?

Many must be wondering how come Repubblika and Occupy Justice remain silent when they were so vocal in their demands for Adrian Delia to resign as polls continued to show his trust rating offered no hope revival of the PN, when today Grech not only is doing worse in the polls, but his leadership is under attack from true pillars of the PN, such as Mario Galea, Arrigo – who, in an interview with Mark Lawrence Zammit, openly declared: “The PN caused me pain worse than cancer” – and Delia. But above all, the main English-language newspaper, Times of Malta, which is considered a PN-leaning newspaper.

I am more than convinced that the only reason Republika and Occupy Justice are silent is that they do not want someone to replace Grech as long as Roberta Metsola remains President of the European Parliament. They already know that the PN will likely suffer another heavy defeat in the European Parliament elections in 2024. They likely believe they can persuade her to agree to run for the leadership of the PN after Grech was allegedly forced to resign.

One wonders if Metsola would be willing to accept taking charge of a PN in such a miserable state – and suffer the same fate as Simon Busuttil, Delia and Grech.

Eddy Privitera – Naxxar

long awaited

Since April 2021, residents of the Vittoriosa and Kalkara waterfront have been grappling with the “magnificent” Sally project: a kilometer of road that takes almost two years to complete, inconveniencing hundreds of families with problems, noise and dust.

Besides the long timetable, the general idea seems very nice: a large sidewalk for pedestrians and runners and, perhaps, a little greenery.

Now that the road is usable – not finished but usable – for cars and pedestrians, the entire roadway is used as parking by cars, SUVs and even small trucks (see photo). I’ve taken many such photos throughout the day and night, weekdays and weekends and sent them to the local council and Infrastructure Malta, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem at solve.

Or maybe they want to wait until the final nail is driven in to put up signs, cameras and traffic cops to issue fines. Meanwhile, the bad behavior of some becomes the habit of many.

Today, people with prams and dogs must weave between cars dreaming that one day, even in Vittoriosa and Kalkara, we will be able to approach European standards.

Barbara Viscito – Vittoriosa

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