Letter: The current sad state of America leaves worries for the future | Letters

I write because I am worried. It’s hard not to worry given the divisions that exist in our country.

What happened? I don’t remember being so divided in the past. I fear we have become a nation of whiners.

During the Depression of the 1930s, I remember men coming to our door asking to work for a meal. We were not in an isolated place. We lived in the town of Tonawanda near Colvin and Eggert, then called Guideboard Road. There was a railroad in operation not far from our house, from where the unemployed who borrowed the rails. My mother always cooked a meal for the men in exchange for cleaning the chicken coop or something similar.

When World War II broke out, the war effort boosted the economy, sad as the war was. Many unemployed men joined the service, including my two brothers. Yes, we complained about the rationing, but we remember the greatest sacrifice made in Europe and elsewhere.

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It hurts to remember those times. How to get the country back on track? My mom would have said, “roll up your socks and get on with it.” I am afraid that today many are waiting for help from the government. There weren’t many in the 1930s and we survived. Too much assistance leads to lifelong addiction, I’m afraid.

I guess being upset about the future of our country is a little unrealistic for a 90-year-old man. But I don’t care. In my later years, I traveled the world. I believe it is the greatest country, and I hope and pray for its future.

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