23 unique baby boy names that start with “U”

What do President Ulysses S. Grant, musical artist Usher and sprinter Usain Bolt have in common? Well, not much, other than being one of the few famous people whose name starts with “U”. If you’re looking for a name that really stands out from the crowd, picking a boy name that starts with “U” is a great way to do it. Baby names that start with “U” don’t even show up on lists of rare and unusual names for boys. “U” may sound like the forgotten vowel, among the most popular O names and if we are talking about consonants, “U” names don’t even come close to the popularity of some other letters. For example, the ever-popular “J” names. The name “James” was the fifth most popular name in 2021, with Jack, Jackson and Jacob close behind. While there may be Jack B., Jack M., and Jack L. in a classroom, your little Uriah or Uzel will likely have his name all to himself.

On the Social Security Administration’s list of the thousand best boy names of 2021, only 2 “U” names make the cut – Uriel comes in at number 498 and Uriah at number 697. So even though the “U” names don’t are maybe not very big in the United States, there are actually a lot of “U” names around the world that have a nice ring and will suit your little boy, who is sure to be a bundle of unique joy.



Despite cracking the top thousand of the most popular boy names of 2021, Uriah is still rare – he’s only been in the top thousand for 24 of the past 122 years, and even then he’s never been in the top 500. It is a biblical name and comes from the Hebrew word meaning “flame of God”.



Like Uriah, Uziel is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength.” With both a “U” and a “Z”, this name has an added cool factor. It is pronounced “oo-zee-el”.



Ubayd is pronounced like the phrase “you-bed”. This “U” name appears in the Quran and means “worshipper” or “servant of God”. It could also be spelled “Ubaid” for a slightly different twist.



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Russian Orthodox Christians consider Uriel an Archangel, along with Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. Like Uriah, this name comes from the Hebrew words meaning “light of God” or “fire of God”.



Urban is a super cool choice for a city dweller. The Latin word ‘urbus’ means ‘city’, which is why today we call cities ‘urban areas’. This “U” name has been worn by everyone, from popes – yes, there has been more than one Pope Urban – to rock musicians.



Umaid is pronounced exactly as it sounds – “you are done”. It means “leader” and “one who loves God”. The name has a regal and noble sound and could be perfect for a little guy with big plans.



Upton is the best-known U-shaped name of prolific writer Upton Sinclair, whose book The jungle led to a crucial overhaul of food security that still impacts us today. It is an English name meaning “upper town”. One of Upton Sinclair’s quotes is perfect for a little baby to shake things up: “You don’t have to settle for America as you find it. You can change it. I didn’t like the way I discovered America sixty years ago, and I’ve been trying to change it ever since.”



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Utah often tops the list of most gorgeous states, and if you have a special connection to that state, that name might be a perfect fit. You’ll need to put a visit to Zion or Arches National Park on your vacation bucket list as soon as you’re old enough to enjoy it!



Like Utah, Utica is a “place name” name. Utica was an ancient Phoenician city and is a modern city in many states including New York, Kansas, Kentucky, and Illinois. If you have a connection with these cities, you can choose this name. But, even if you’ve never been there, there’s an edgy, cool vibe.



In the Twi language, which is spoken primarily in Ghana, Ulan means “firstborn twin” – so keep this in your back pocket if you find you expect more from a new addition to your family.



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Pronounced “ooo-dell”, this English name has the evocative meaning “of the valley of the yew”. Plus, “Dell” is a really cute nickname.



Whether you’re a James Joyce fan or love Homer’s ancient story of Odysseus, Odysseus’ name holds a powerful place in ancient and modern literature. It dropped from a thousand names in 2005, so it is still quite rare in the United States.



The most famous of the Umbertos is surely Umberto Eco, the famous Italian author and critic who died in 2016. The name means “renowned warrior”. If the full name is too long, you can always shorten it to the cute name “Berto”.



Pronounced “um-bree-el,” this “U” name would be perfect for a space-loving family. If you choose this name, you may have an astronomer on your hands, since Umbriel is also the name of one of Uranus’ many moons. It comes from the Latin word “umbra” which means “shade” or “shade”.



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Put on your running shoes as soon as your little Usain starts walking, in case your little one looks like the famous sprinter of the same name. Usain (pronounced “you-sane”) means “beautiful” or “good” in Arabic.



There are two personal names Uri in the Old Testament, and the name is particularly popular in Israel. It also has a magnificent meaning: “My light” or “My flame”.



Get away, Hugh Jackman, there’s a new human-wolf hybrid in town. Pronounced “oooh-fay”, this cool name means “man-wolf” and has Danish roots and Old Norse origins.


You do

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In Igbo (the national language of Nigeria) the name Udo means “peace,“something our world could use more of these days. It’s unusual, but also short and sweet.



Those with Irish roots may want to consider this name, as Ulster is one of the four provinces of Ireland. It is also both a city and a county of New York. Whether you have a special connection to one of these places, or just like the sound of the name, this could be a great choice.



This Arabic name means “wise” and “intuitive,” and who wouldn’t want their little guy to be both? If you like this name, you can also consider the “U” name “Usman”, which is considered a variant of Uthman.



This German name sounds like it belongs to a king, or at least a noble. More commonly used as a surname, Ulbrecht means “illustrious” and is pronounced “al-brict”.



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Union is another name that is more commonly considered a family name. It comes from a Welsh word which means “anvil” and evokes stability and courage.



Pronounced “ooo-ball-doh”, Ubaldo means “bold spirit” in Italian. It’s been owned by everyone from a saint to a major baseball pitcher.



Saint Utlan was a 7th century Irish monk and yet his name still sounds fresh and modern. It means “Ulster man”.

If you’re sure you want a name that stands out from the crowd, deciding that you’re going to go for a name that starts with “U” is a good way to ensure your baby boy looks truly unmatched. nickname. Any of these ultra-cool names will do.

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