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I would like to make another brief response to Mr. Glenn Allen’s July 7 op-ed letter entitled “Yes, There Is a God”, where he responded to my previous letter: “Is there a god ? »

His claim that his god created the world is ridiculous. This planet is estimated by scientists (by the way, the word “science” is a Latin word meaning “knowledge”) to be around 4.5 to 5 billion years old. There were no gods back then. Mr. Allen can, of course, believe anything he wants.

His most ridiculous claim is that his god caused all the “catastrophic events that plagued the earth, both God-made and man-made” to punish us humans for all the sins we have committed and believe that there is no god, even small children. I really wonder what sins were committed by the children who were killed by the millions by Nazi Germany.

Allen likes to quote the Bible, as if the people who wrote the Bible knew anything about what we today call “science”? Allen also quotes passages from the Book of the New Testament, The Apocalypse, it is not one or more Apocalypse(s).

People also read…

In this book, the Greek adverb “soon” is cited several times: 1;1, 3:11, 11:14, 22:12 22:7, 22:20. The last would have been said by Jesus, “I am coming soon.”

“Soon” can mean tomorrow, next week, maybe even in a few months. It can’t mean 2000 years from now. I would also like Mr. Allen to explain to me why his god did not inform all the other people who evolved on this planet who is the real “god”? One of the oldest continuously practiced religions in North America is that of the Pueblos who live in Arizona and New Mexico. They have been around for about 7,000 years. They practice what is called the Kachin or Katina religion in which hundreds of divine beings act as intermediaries between humans and their gods.

Then there are the Buddhists who have no gods. And the Hindus who have millions, and so on.

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