Letter to the editor: More power for us

To PG&E: You cut power to us on Tuesday (6/14/22) and Monday (6/13/22) for a total of six hours.

Last summer, you cut off our power for 10 days and 200 hours because your new “smart” sensor detected that something had touched the power line supplying the San Lorenzo Valley. We waited for your teams to march for eight hours along the line, and found no fires.

Your approach doesn’t work, so go with a program I call HELO (Helicopter Electric Line Observation). When you receive a sensor report, keep the power on while you fly the 15 minutes along the line looking for smoke or a roast squirrel.

For readers, please cut out this letter and send it to John Laird, State Senator, at 701 Ocean Street #318A, Santa Cruz CA, 95060. Our complaint is called SOS (Stop Our Shutoffs).

I teach leadership, and PG&E needs a serious lesson in leadership because it’s failing to deliver electricity to its customers.

Curtis Panasuk

Ben Lomond

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