Our readers write: Weddings at Calumet Park

Letter to the editor:

Park weddings are not a party for the neighbors

Weddings at Calumet Park are destroying our neighborhood.

The latest example is an Arizona July 8 party, which may or may not have had a permit, decided to take over the entire park with signs around the perimeter and leaves on benches.

A wedding is organized at Calumet Park in Bird Rock.

(Courtesy of Jack Resnick)

The minimal cost of a permit [less than $180] is ridiculous, because cities on the coast and in the state of California charge between 500 and 1500 dollars.

The City of San Diego needs to raise fees and stop losing money. This will reduce the impact on our small neighborhood park and allow us, the taxpayers, to enjoy the ocean again. The increased fees would easily fund having more compliance officers.

Jack Resnick

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