Multilingual and adventurous ChromeOS users can try a nifty new keyboard shortcut

Easy diacritical insertion can now be enabled with a flag in the Canary channel

There’s a lot to celebrate with the release of ChromeOS 103, including support for features like Nearby Share and an updated Phone Hub with the ability to view recent photos from your collection. But there’s always something to be expected down the road and we’re looking at one such attraction that will allow users to type diacritics directly from their default keyboard rather than relying on ALT codes, character maps or to other sources to enter these special characters. In fact, Canary channel users can try this shortcut right now.

This tip was first shared by an account named C2 Productions on Twitter and later reported by chrome without box. Based on the screenshot shared by the Twitter user, diacritical suggestions will appear when you long-press a key, shown below as the letter “c” – in this case, a cedilla (ç). Users can click on these recommendations or select them in some way to use them in their words or phrases.


Source: C2 Productions (

Diacritics, often informally called accents, are used in most languages ​​using the Latin alphabet in addition to English.

Canary channel users can head to chrome://flags and switch to the #enable-cros-diacritics-on-physical-keyboard-long-press flag. Many of these cool features usually end up spending a lot of time in the pre-release stages, but given that many Chromebooks don’t come with full number pads that will let you enter ALT codes, we’re almost sure this feature can’t come soon enough for multilinguals who prefer not to switch keyboard languages ​​too often. Some keyboard shortcuts are more preferable than others. And while it’s not a breakthrough ChromeOS feature like a few we’ve seen over the years or even ones that should also be on the way, we’re also willing to bet this keyboard shortcut will make it easier certainly the seizure for millions of people. users.

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