A season without a scoreboard

Dear Mayor Butler, Mayor Pro Tem Kalu and Orangeburg City Council:

Congratulations! American Legion Post 4 baseball has completed its 2022 regular season. And it was accomplished with an unusable scoreboard at Mirmow Field! Let me repeat, Post 4 has completed a full baseball season without a scorecard!

The city of Orangeburg should be ashamed. Considering all the money Orangeburg spends on other areas, you’d think a few dollars could be spent to make the scoreboard work.

What a missed opportunity to make a good impression on people who aren’t from Orangeburg. Only a few of the Post 4 players’ parents, grandparents, family and friends are from Orangeburg. The others come from Barnwell, St. Matthews, Sandy Run, St. George, Edisto, etc. They probably don’t visit Orangeburg much, except perhaps for the occasional meal or a trip to Lowe’s or Walmart, so their time in Mirmow creates a more significant impression of Orangeburg.

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Of course, none of the opposing teams are from Orangeburg. This year’s players, along with their parents, grandparents, families and friends, hail from Charleston/West Ashley area, Hampton or West Columbia. It is likely that they come to Orangeburg solely because of American Legion baseball.

Mirmow Field is a treasure. It’s a special place. Definitely, a historic place with many, many beautiful memories attached to it. Those who visit Mirmow remember Mirmow. To wonder what Mirmow might look like, visit Riley Field in Sumter. The City of Sumter clearly supports American Legion baseball and is justifiably proud of Riley Field. And, their dashboard works!

COMMENT: Cherry picking on January 6

Post 4 has done an amazing job over the years supporting American Legion baseball and putting a team on the field every year. After watching and supporting Post 4 American Legion baseball for 30 years, I tip my hat to the Post 4 Legionnaires. However, they cannot do it alone. They need the active and genuine support of the city of Orangeburg.

I sincerely hope that the City of Orangeburg will be more active in supporting American Legion Baseball.

Rick Jackson, St. Matthews

Honor to serve in Orangeburg

Years ago I was called to be a pastor in the Salvation Army and to serve wherever I am called. After four years of service with the Salvation Army in Orangeburg, I was asked to lead the Salvation Army in our mountain mission in Hot Springs, North Carolina. My last day in the Salvation Army service in Orangeburg was June 19th.

From my first day here, you welcomed me and made me feel at home. I will always treasure my time working alongside you. You care deeply about your neighbors. As a community, you recognize the needs, then put your hearts and hands to work to develop lasting solutions that provide dignity for each beneficiary. It was truly an honor to serve here.

Thanks again for your love and support for the Salvation Army in Orangeburg. I will always remember you and the time I spent working in partnership with you.

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