Letters to the Editor – Cheers for the Story of Jody Conradt, Mark Cuban, ‘Mama’ Pioneer

1 story about Jody Conradt – Re: “Embodiment of change – Conradt training legend, UT at the center of legal struggles, success”, article from June 23.

I was blown away by your front page story about Jody Conradt. And it was good to see her call herself Addie Jo again.

Like Addie Jo, I was fortunate to grow up in Goldthwaite where we, without cell phones or other distracting devices, experienced the freedom and joys of small town country life. I was five years older than Addie Jo, but, nonetheless, I saw early on that she was going to be a force on the basketball court. She absolutely loved the game.

My only claim to fame, if any, is that I taught her to dribble with her left hand when challenged on her right side!

Thanks again for your story – really well done.

John A. Gilliam, North Dallas

2 Cuban Mark – Re: “Report: Medicare May Want Mark Cuban – Dallas Celebrity Pharmacy Could Have Saved Feds $3.6 Billion”, June 23 article from Metro & Business.

Congratulations on what Mark Cuban is doing now and in the future putting pressure on pharmacy benefit managers. I bet those managers haven’t called his people to “do that” yet, have they? Keep it up, Mark. We are all behind you!

Judy Webster, Plano

3 Pioneer natural resources – Many alumni who work for Pioneer Natural Resources call the spinster “Mama Pioneer” for good reason. Its birth took place in the heyday of 1997, when two oil companies combined their assets.

At first it was worth well under a billion dollars, but now much more. I worked for her for 22 years. During those years, it provided medical insurance for its workers and family, double 401(k) matching contributions, help for your kids through college, and free tuition for its workers, weeks of vacation and day care with a doctor on site.

Mama Pioneer grew from a young filly to the company she is today. She carefully watches over her 2,000 proteges who work for her in Irving and the Permian Basin.

Good businesses don’t just happen. They are built from the ground up by dedicated employees.

James Sherrad, Plano

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