Letters: Forget Gun Bans, Take School Shooting Prevention Seriously | Letters

It’s time to get serious about school safety. We need to think about school security the same way the Secret Service keeps the President safe. It is with concentric safety.

The first safety ring will identify behaviors that can identify an “active shooter”. For this we will need FBI profilers, police officers, psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, teachers, social workers and others to come together and continuously map warning behaviors early that can identify an “active shooter”.

Teachers and parents should be trained to spot these behaviors. A school psychologist or psychiatrist, on contract or on staff, should be available to counsel referred students. The secret service calls this “the protective research section”.

The second circle would be the school resource officer (policeman). This shouldn’t be a cakewalk for officers retiring, but one in which officers are rotated to avoid complacency.

The final safety ring should be provided by the school and staffed by teachers and staff. They must be trained in the use of improvised weapons or, as determined by the administration, have access to weapons.

We need to forget about gun bans and other welfare measures that don’t work. In Santa Fe, Texas, a student walked into his school and murdered eight students and two teachers with a shotgun and a .38 special purpose revolver. It’s 100-year-old gun technology.

There are too many ways to hurt innocent, unsuspecting people. We saw jihadists murder 84 people while driving an 18 wheeler through the crowd and another murder 10 people with a fan. It’s time to end the welfare policy deceptions and take serious and effective action.


retired civil servant

Red Stick

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