Your Letters: Writer Supports Exploratory Drilling in Town of Easton

Dear Editor,

The transition to clean energy technology is happening in the United States and in many parts of the world. In order to continue the transition to a green economy, we must obtain resources such as zinc, nickel, copper and other clean energy minerals (including gold) needed to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines , electric vehicles, electric circuits and other new clean energy technologies. Our society needs these essential clean energy minerals if we are to have the ability to transition to a low carbon future and embrace the green economy.

Recently, Wisconsin-based Green Light Metals (aka Green Light Wisconsin) submitted an application to Marathon County for exploratory drilling in the town of Easton located east of Wausau. This is not only a great opportunity for Marathon County and Wisconsin, but also for the United States, as it will not only bring economic benefits, but it will also help the United States secure our supply chain. national, for example.

Western countries have long relied on other countries for these necessary resources, but there is a better way. Instead of relying on foreign countries, we can mine the minerals needed for the clean energy transition right here in Wisconsin. By mining these essential clean energy minerals right here at home, we can strengthen our national supply chains and further enhance our national security.

The United States and the State of Wisconsin have established significant environmental and safety standards and regulations for exploration and potential mine development. It is important to note that recent changes to Wisconsin mining laws emphasize strict environmental standards. Each stage of the mining life cycle requires science, engineering, technology, community involvement, and careful planning, and is governed by strict state and federal environmental protection regulations, as well as financial insurance obligations.

It’s time to recognize that we can operate safely and responsibly, while providing significant economic benefits to local communities, such as paid family jobs. Environmental advocates should encourage the extraction of essential clean energy minerals that will finally help us transition to a low-carbon future and a green economy that benefits everyone.

Nathan Conrad, Executive Director, Natural Resources Development Association

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