Your letters: GreenLight Metals maintains that it would operate safely and responsibly

Dear Editor,

GreenLight Metals is positioned to play a leading role in the safe and responsible growth of our green economy by helping the United States become independent of critical minerals while generating an economic boom in Marathon County that would directly benefit our communities. , local governments and schools.

Focused on transparency and accountability, we met with many journalists in Wausau earlier this spring to introduce ourselves to the community and begin to build relationships with the people who call this area home. We reached out to elected officials and started organizing meetings to learn more about the region and explore how we can work together towards a common goal of sustainable mining. We look forward to these meetings in the coming weeks.

It is disappointing to read an incomplete story in the pilot and review (June 1, 2022) that included irresponsible rhetoric and lies about our exploration efforts here. (Find the referenced story here.)

The fact is that the state of Wisconsin and US federal licensing and regulatory processes for environmental protection are among the strictest and most rigorous in the world. Any exploratory drilling would be held to those same elite standards and at GreenLight we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Using 21st century technology, GreenLight Metals can ensure that we operate safely, responsibly and successfully from start to finish, and beyond. We look forward to open, honest, and transparent discussions with stakeholders and residents, focusing on growing communities and producing clean energy metals that build a better future around us.

Dan Colton, President and CEO of GreenLight Metals

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