Asian Games books contain propaganda

The “China Overview” section in the English-language technical manuals for the Asian Games in Hangzhou lists Taiwan as the largest of China’s 7,600 islands, sources said.

  • By Chen Yu-fu and Liu Tzu-hsuan / Personal Reporter, with a personal editor

China used the opportunity to hold an international sporting event to spread propaganda and attack Taiwan’s sovereignty, sources said yesterday, referring to the sport’s technical manuals in English for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which describe Taiwan as “China’s largest island”.

The Asian Games, originally scheduled for September 10-25, have been postponed to next year due to a COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai, less than 200 km from Hangzhou.

The “China Overview” section of the English language technical manuals for the 61 sports published by the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (HAGOC) includes the following description: “There are more than 7,600 islands of varying size in the maritime area, among which the island of Taiwan, with an area of ​​35,798 square kilometers, is the largest,” sources familiar with the matter said.

Photo: AFP

The manuals can only be viewed and downloaded by each country’s National Olympic Committee using account names and passwords provided by HAGOC, the sources said.

The content distorts the truth and misleads international society into falsely claiming that Taiwan is part of China, they said.

The sports administration informed the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee of the issue in April, asking it to negotiate with the Chinese Olympic Committee or HAGOC and ask them to remove politically sensitive content, the sources said.

Due to the complicated relations between Taiwan and China, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee sent a letter to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) saying that the politically charged descriptions go against the principles of the Olympics, the authorities said. sources.

The Taiwanese member of the OCA executive board also sent a letter to the committee, saying that HAGOC had handled the official Games documents improperly, which would damage the harmony of the Asian Games, they added.

The OCA would likely not respond to the letters, as senior Chinese sports official Wei Jizhong (魏紀中) is the OCA’s Honorary Lifetime Vice President, the sources said.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee removed the entire section containing the misinformation before uploading the manuals to its website, but the English version provided to other countries was not changed, the sources said.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker Lai Jui-lung (賴瑞隆) said yesterday that China, as the host of the international event, erred in falsely claiming that Taiwan was its largest island. , while DPP lawmaker Wang Mei-hui (王美惠) called on the government to file a harsh protest with the Chinese government.

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