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Second Amendment Thought Process

Anyone who reads and attempts to use the Second Amendment as support for the possession of assault rifles and other semi-automatic firearms must first understand the rules of English sentence structure and how a complete sentence generates a complete thought.

We have just suffered another mass murder at an elementary school in Texas where 19 young children and two teachers were murdered. This follows another mass murder at a New York grocery store. Republicans and gun fanatics are screaming that we should use thoughts and prayers instead of tougher gun controls to stop the slaughter that will continue until the Second Amendment is abolished or its true meaning is understood.

A well-organized militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms will not be infringed. It is a complete and understandable sentence, and has a complete and understandable thought and definition. The beginning states, “A well-regulated militia,” then it describes why a militia is needed, then goes on to state that the people are permitted to keep and bear arms, and that phrase simply refers to the well-regulated militia. , due to the need for a militia. The amendment is a complete sentence that generates a complete and understandable idea. The understanding of this amendment must be taken into consideration of the politics and beliefs of the time when it was accepted in 1791. And it should be an accurate and serious study of the history at the time , not a sugar-coated elementary school reading of American history.

First, the founders and much of the population of our first republic were against the idea of ​​a standing army. The history of that time has shown that there has hardly ever been a time in Europe when there was not a war going on somewhere on the continent. Throughout history, European states have all maintained standing armies, which has facilitated wars. Second, most Americans then believed that state militias were capable of defending the nation, but to do so, the American citizens who formed these militias had to be armed. If every citizen armed themselves, it saved the government money.

We no longer have or need militias unless you count the right and left wing terrorists who like to call themselves militias. Each state now has National Guard units that can be called up, and there are many military reserve units throughout the country.

There is absolutely no reason anyone in this country should be allowed to own an automatic or semi-automatic firearm. This is not a second amendment issue. It’s a health and safety issue. We must pass a law prohibiting the sale of these weapons in the United States or its possessions. Additionally, we must do what Australia and New Zealand have done: ban and repurchase all automatic and semi-automatic firearms. John Howard, the Australian prime minister who started the program, said the greatest civil right you have is to stay alive. Howard, during an interview with CBS in 2015, insisted on this point: “Staying alive and being safe from random attacks is a right far more precious than owning a gun”.

It is high time that our courageous politicians must do the right thing.

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