LETTER: Consider Kirkton for a brighter future | Letters

Aren’t you wondering why Kyle Ham, who doesn’t live or work in the new 105th Legislative District, is running? In my opinion, it’s because the Illinois Republican Party establishment wants someone to rely on to maintain the status quo.

The status quo is currently 73 Democrats and just 45 Republicans, but leaders are happy to have their positions and the extra money to go with it. They are very active with their campaign dollars to support the candidates they choose. So far, more than $80,000 from leaders and at least $20,000 from other establishment Republicans have flowed to Mr. Ham.

Fellow Republicans, if you’re happy with the state of our party, then Ham is your guy. If you’re hoping for a brighter future, consider Mike Kirkton for the 105th. It ticks all the boxes of what we need as a representative. Fourth-generation Farm Bureau Activator-backed farmer, small business man, family man, Bronze Star, retired US Army Lt. Col., and Livingston County Board member.

He lives in the district (Mr. Ham doesn’t) and he will be a full-time legislator (Mr. Ham won’t).

He will listen to you and speak out, loudly if necessary, in Springfield.

John McGlasson, Pontiac

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