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Bulgariathe Prime Minister Kiril Petkov attended a holy divine liturgy in the Basilica of Saint Clement in Rome and a pilgrimage to the relics of Saint Cyril.

Deep tribute to St. Cyril the Philosopher – the creator of the Bulgarian alphabet! On the eve of May 24, the great day of Bulgarian spirituality, let us remember that it is up to us to keep the tradition of the holy brothers Cyril and Method“, declared the Prime Minister in front of the tomb of St. Cyril in the basilica.

The liturgy was celebrated by His Eminence the Metropolitan of Western and Central Europe Antoine. He pointed out that for us Bulgarians, the Basilica of San Clemente is the holiest place in Rome because it is in the Eternal City that the holy brothers Cyril and Method and their disciples receive recognition and blessing for their apostolic work

This Holy Liturgy is a great event for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Bulgarian State. The work of the holy brothers Cyril and Method and their followers is a link between State and Church, on the one hand, and a bridge between East and West, on the other“, were some of the words of Metropolitan Anthony’s sermon.

In turn, the Prime Minister asked us to remember and respect the covenant of the holy brothers who gave us the alphabet. With it they laid the foundations of the Slavic spiritual community, which through creativity and worship in their native language in the Middle Ages became a model of developed Christian culture, alongside Byzantine and Latin. In this regard, the ancient Bulgarian culture became a model for all Slavic cultures (Eastern and Western).

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