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Many reasons to join Scouting

BSA Scouts is educational and fun. You learn useful skills you need in life, from personal management to first aid.

BSA Scouts teaches good leadership skills through different types of training and through leadership positions you hold in the troop, such as senior patrol leader.

Achieving Eagle rank is a challenge, but it can open many doors for your future, like getting accepted into your college of choice and getting a good job.

There are many community service opportunities while you are a Scout. For example, picking up trash at state parks and helping out at community festivals or fundraisers.

You also meet many amazing people, which also helps you become a better person. Scouts BSA is an outdoor program, so you spend the majority of your time outdoors.

From 2018, women were allowed to join the troops. A Scout can sign up at age 11 and expire at 18, but that doesn’t mean you have to be done with Scouting; you simply cannot reach the rank of Eagle once you turn 18.

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If your goal is to reach the rank of Eagle, this must be done before your 18th birthday.

Once you turn 18, you can be an adult leader with a troop, or even a scout leader!

I could go on and on about how amazing Scouts BSA has been in my life, but for now, these are just a small list of reasons why you should join Scouts BSA!

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