Why I’m not voting for Blanca Pacheco — The Downey Patriot

Dear Editor:

I would have been so proud to have a Downey High graduate in state office.

I supported Blanca Pacheco for her second term on Downey City Council, believing she would continue to have the city in its best interests. But a year and a half later, it is clear that this is not the case.

When we needed her most, she focused on applying for higher positions. She ignored our cries for help. She supported the dismissal of our city manager Gilbert Livas. She refused to back Mario Guerra to fill the vacant city council seat, which would have added stability to that body. She has not taken a public position on efforts to prevent the Ojos Locos bar from establishing its presence in our family community. Then she voted to allow a felon to become our pro tem mayor.

For these reasons, I unfortunately cannot support his candidacy for the California State Assembly.

Victoria Smith

Dear Editor:

It looks like Blanca Pacheco is no exception when it comes to getting some dirty money thrown at her.

The Public Charter Schools Political Action Committee (PAC) just released a flyer last Friday on its behalf, through an Independent Expenditure. If this PAC charter school succeeds in pocketing candidates like Mrs. Pacheco, then our public school system in Downey will not survive the encroachment of charter schools.

Our neighboring public school districts have lost public school funds and suffered school closures, due to the diversion of funds to charter schools. According to state standardized test results (LA Times, 2016), charter schools are academically underperforming compared to Downey public schools.

The intent of this PAC is to undermine our education systems, kill unions and privatize education. Although independent spending is not necessarily endorsed by a candidate, a candidate may publicly denounce such support.

Blanca Pacheco has benefited from our Downey Public Schools because she is a product of that institution. Therefore, in order to protect our Downey Public Schools from funding, all political candidates must do the right thing and publicly expose dirty political campaign money.

Ayde Bravo

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