Austin American-Statesman Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2022

If we care about children, support

policies needed to help them

Re: Comment from May 8, “Abbott says ‘Texas is a pro-life state.’ Where’s the support for moms?”

This commentary should be required reading for anyone working to restrict access to abortion services in Texas.

The absence of comprehensive policies to support mothers and fathers before, during and after pregnancy is appalling. If everyone is striving to protect babies and the children they become, why are services so lacking?

The amount of money and energy invested in the abortion debate over the past 50 years could have been spent on providing these services, including free contraceptive options and education about safer sex and sexual intercourse. ‘abstinence. I’m sure someone has studied this and quantified how it would have reduced the need for abortions, and I think that would be significant.

As a public policy, if we care about children, let’s demonstrate it by supporting and funding the necessary public policies. Let’s start by electing leaders who support these policies in the upcoming elections in November.Gov. Abbott is not that leader.

Deborah Peterson Austin

Democrats should learn to do what

Americans elected them to do

Well, here they go. It looks like the Democrats are losing control of Congress in the first terms of Democratic presidents lately. It happened during Clinton’s first term and during Obama’s first term and it looks like it will happen during Biden’s first term as well.

The reason is simple: they don’t give the majority of Americans what they want.

More than 60% of Americans want tougher gun control laws. More than 60% of Americans want big oil companies to pay a windfall tax. More than 60% of Americans want only women and their doctors to determine what women can do with their bodies.

The point is this. Democrats should do what Americans elected them to do. If not, well, when will they ever learn?

Edward Lindsay, Fort Worth

Using concertina yarn on the border

is inhumane and should outrage us

Governor Greg Abbott’s border security plan calls for the installation of accordion yarn along our Rio Grande. Manufacturers of concertina wire state that it “has sharp blades that can slice deep into your flesh and sometimes cause fatal wounds.”

The governor’s plan is inhumane and should outrage all decent Texans. Unfortunately, some chosen ones continue to normalize the sadistic treatment of our fellow man. The confinement of men, women and children in barbed wire is yet another low point in an already cruel political re-election strategy.

Barbed wire has a tragic history when applied to the fencing of those deemed undesirable. Its use has never gone down in history as wise or just. As a lifelong Texan, I don’t want that to be part of our heritage. The use of accordion barbed wire is a seemingly simple solution to a complex problem, but it will have disgraceful consequences. I pray that we are better humans than this, regardless of our political affiliations.

Ricardo A. Perez, Mission

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