Letters to the Editor – Community College, Immigrants, Nixon Era, Jodi Picoult

These elections also matter

Higher education is supposed to teach students not only how to earn a living, but also how to think critically and logically. It’s supposed to teach them how to live in a bigger world than the bubble they grew up in. That was my experience, and thank goodness. Years ago, I had teachers who warned at the beginning of a course (biology, philosophy) that discomfort was possible, so that as adults we adjusted our automatisms and reflected.

Some Dallas County ratepayers will vote for a Dallas College trustee on Saturday. Collin College is embroiled in a controversy over the firing of four professors this year for expressing opinions. Until now, taxpayers have spent money on a successful trial plus fees instead of education. More soon.

This is the first time in my long electoral history that I have paid attention to the administration of a community college. If you are a Dallas County voter, be sure to vote for administrators who will not drag our college into a costly political mess or distract from the essential business of manpower training and leaders of tomorrow. It’s your money.

Barbara Green Stone, Far North Dallas

Anyone else see this?

read on sunday Dallas Morning News, we discover that our Governor has racked up $4 billion in unbudgeted costs to fund Operation Lone Star which, in theory, will keep people who want to work out of Texas. From previous stories, I found that those crossing the border are grateful to the Governor for providing them with a free bus ticket to Washington, DC, which saves them time and money.

Meanwhile, the headline of Mitchell Schnurman’s column announces that there is “work to do, no one to do it.” Can someone in our state government put these two stories together, forget about the upcoming election for a moment, and come up with a solution?

Many of these immigrants creeping into Texas mow our lawns, take our tables and replace our hail-damaged roofs while Abbott’s State Troopers check the brakes and turn signals of the trucks carrying our vegetables and auto parts. . How long can this last?

Hans Voorn, Frisco

More integrity

My wife and I really enjoyed the Starz series Gas lighting. It highlights Martha Mitchell’s role in the Watergate scandal and gives a nostalgic look at the politics of the early 70s. It’s a throwback to when a politician caught lying was about finished with the American people.

For all of Richard Nixon’s shortcomings, he had enough respect for the office to resign when caught. In the past two weeks alone, House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy was caught lying with audio evidence, Rick Perry was caught with his own text, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claimed President Joe Biden had a deal with drug cartels to import migrants. Everything will continue as if nothing had happened. In fact, McCarthy received a standing ovation from his party when he attempted to explain himself.

Meanwhile, most of the Republican Party continues to support the lie that there was voter fraud and the 2020 election was stolen. I have a hard time remembering exactly when American voters abandoned the integrity requirement. Maybe the last presidential administration was the ether that got us there. The larger question is: how do we get back to rejecting those who cannot tell the truth?

John R. Dorgan, Mound of Flowers

A life-changing read

I read Hillbilly Elegy when the book was published and told people it was a life changing book. I had just retired and was trying to figure out where to spend my time giving back. After reading this book, I found my direction, which was helping young people with resumes and interview skills.

What I take away from the book is that no one wants to fail, they just don’t know how to succeed because no one has taught them or shown them or helped support their efforts. Not everyone has the same support system or resources to grow and prepare to step out into the world.

While I do not give up on my purpose, I will no longer give credence to this book or author who supports such divisive and elitist political ideologies that focus on differences rather than celebrating differences and helping those who need help. I will not support bullying in any form and while my voice may be mine with a small audience, I will no longer support this book.

I will share with you the other book that changed my life is little big things by Jodi Picoult. We may not all be able to change the world, we can all make a difference by doing big little things!

Perri B. Brackett, Lewisville

Not always negative

Re: “‘My Life Begins Now’: The Journey of His Dreams – After Braving 7 Countries, He Joined 18 Others on a Bus Seeking Asylum”, April 28 article.

Congratulations to Imelda García for her story on Victor Rodriguez. Also to the immigration staff for their organized and compassionate work in dealing with asylum seekers.

There is so much negative talk about those waiting at the southern border and the “deluge” of migrants when Title 42 disappears. However, this turns out not always to be the case. The system takes into account everyone who enters the United States legally and with “help wanted” signs everywhere, there are jobs. Welcome!

Marilyn Hall, Dallas/Uptown

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