A player takes Elden Ring with a Fisher Price baby controller

The streamer and content creator known as Rudeism will soon launch a series of Elden Ring using a modified Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Game and Learn. This controller was originally designed for babies.

“Your baby can have fun with this Laugh and Learn, Game and Learn video game controller that features two ‘play’ modes and lots of hands-on activities,” the official product description reads. “As little players move the joystick and press the A, B, C, D and number buttons, they’ll hear exciting songs, sounds and phrases that introduce numbers, shapes, colors and more!”

The controller features “two musical settings: learn and play” in addition to a “multi-colored, light-up face”. The device “features shapes, colors, the alphabet, numbers and more!”


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Rudeism managed to modify Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Game and Learn into a fully functional Xbox controller, without sacrificing any of its built-in sound effects. That means he’ll take on the notoriously difficult Elden Ring to the tune of “1, 2, 3, 4, Up Goes Your Score!” and “Orange, purple, white and pink, green, red and blue, Woohoo!”

“Here it is, the Fisher Price Xbox controller. Still has all the sounds that come in the box, but it can also play games”, Rudeism noticed in a video on Twitter before plugging the device into a laptop running Elden Ring. “The thumb moves. We have jump, we have roll, we have user capabilities. Grossman can be seen playing the game as the controller goes “crazy” with all sorts of “exciting songs, sounds and phrases”.

Since the device only has one thumbstick, Rudeism had to modify a slider for the controller to switch inputs. “The yellow slider makes the stick work as LS or RS and it changes the ABCD buttons to handle Start/Select/Guide”, the content creator Explain on Twitter. “The bumpers can be angled left or right, so they handle LB/LT and RT/LB on their own.”

Rudeism is well known for crafting custom gear, including a motion-controlled lightsaber and force power gauntlet for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The streamer also gained attention for beating Dark Souls 3 in Morse Code.

The content creator initially started modding the controller as a joke, but seems interested in putting the device through its paces. Rudeism said it plans to launch an Elden Ring series with the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Game and Learn at some point in the very near future.

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