County legislator asks voters to write letters asking for more time for I-81 SIEF comment period

Hello everyone.

Please see the attached letter (downloadable) requesting an extension of the I-81 SIEF comment period. It takes a while to go through 35,000 pages of information.

I shared it with members of the Onondaga County Legislative Assembly. Please share it with anyone you choose. (Letter model)

Let me know if you have any suggestions and if we can share them with our fellow legislators. Maybe with discussion we can get people across the table to sign it.

Charles Garland, Onondaga County Legislator

As with the I-81 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), after reviewing it at NYCLU workshops at the Dunbar Center and contacting the EPA, NYSDOT was made aware of our concerns. regarding the increase in traffic on the Southside to 42,000 cars per day. and the lack of air quality mitigation, considering Southside residents, especially our children, have the highest rates of respiratory disease.

The devil is in the details. It will take some time to sift through 35,000 pages (the SIEF) to determine if these concerns have been addressed and if we have any new ones to consider, such as the Van Buren roundabout and Martin Luther King East becoming a ‘Dead End”. which certainly doesn’t create the “Connected Communities” Syracuse and NYSDOT tout and fails to address our traffic and rising air pollution issues (Source: Appendix C-3: Page 14 This shows that no data was collected or that no impact was assessed on the vulnerable streets of the residential area).

If you have any concerns or are as outraged as I am, please feel free to send a copy of this letter to Mark Frechette and Rick Marquis at the following emails asking for an extension of 90 for us to go through those 35,000 pages. We need to. I was raised learning the phrase “When you want to hide something from black people, put it in a book”. Yes. A 35,000 page book. It will take time.

Add your name and send the letter to:

Mark Frechette ([email protected])
Rick Marquis ([email protected])

Strength through solidarity
Be well. Be blessed. Be careful.

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