4 letters: Swimming club, mental health, aquatic center, succession of the municipal council

Why the errors of the Belle Terre swimming club?

Dear Editor:

It baffles me that such a mistake could be made about the complete change at Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club. This ordeal began about two years ago with the new superintendent. The school board knew how much money it would take to get this club into shape. There were constantly people from the school district on the lot looking at all the work that needed to be done so can’t say they were hit all of a sudden by such an increase just to fix the parking lot on their own .

(Editor’s note: The administration of Flagler Schools said it wouldn’t take $150,000 but $420,000 to fix the parking lot.)

Where were also the “big bosses” working directly under the superintendent? None of them could do the math? Do they just do what the superintendent says and that’s it? It took them two years to admit their mistakes.

Terry Webb

palm coast

Vote against the city council for giving themselves a raise

Dear Editor:

With City Council approving their own 151% raise, we all need to come together and vote for everyone.

Our economy is dodgy, prices are going up and they have the nerve to give themselves this ridiculous raise.

It’s disgusting. You should all be ashamed and quit now, or we’ll kick you all out.

People struggle. What are you thinking about?

Barbara Royere

palm coast

We need to do more for mental health

Dear Editor:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a volunteer and advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this month I ask everyone to join us and demand #MoreForMentalHealth.

I am doing more by calling on my legislators at the federal and state levels to support legislation that will fund the implementation of 988 and the suicide and mental health crisis system across our country, especially for people living in communities underserved.

Currently, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available at 1-800-273-8255 and defuses seizures for tens of thousands of callers each day. On July 16, people in distress and those who support them will be able to reach Lifeline via a simple 3-digit number: 988. By making Lifeline more accessible via this shorter number, calls, texts and chats to the the lifeline of crisis call centers should increase. It is essential that the federal government work with the states to ensure that callers in distress will have: 1) someone to call, 2) someone to come and help them, and 3) a safe place to go. We must act now to secure funding to equip call centers and community crisis response services across the country with the staff and resources to respond to everyone in crisis.

Join me this month in urging our federal and state officials to #MoreForMentalHealth. You can start by visiting moreformentalhealth.org.

Together we can help #StopSuicide.

Nicole Johnson


Editor’s Note: This letter is a standard letter sent to newspapers across the country.

Who takes care of the upgrade of the aquatic center?

Dear Editor:

I was thrilled to read that Palm Coast was considering replacing the Belle Terre Aquatic Park and Center with a new one, or at least repairing the existing one.

My only question is who will be in charge of this update? Will it be the group that managed the disastrous wading pool in Holland Park or the group that completely ruined the garbage collection contract?

Palm Coast becomes an embarrassment.

Maybe we should ask the Green Lion to handle our affairs, since they seem to be the only entity that knows how to get things done.

Michel Verrault

palm coast

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