Germany and France have undermined NATO’s position against Russia

The Partygate Hangover

SIR – The Remainer-induced self-indulgence that crippled Parliament after 2016 is back with ‘partygate’.

Despite serious national and international problems, the opposition parties have no policy to offer except to bring about the downfall of Boris Johnson. Tory MPs also embrace this negativity, although there is no credible alternative leader.

Mr Johnson’s defense is that he followed the advice given to him, so he can be charged with grossly poor judgment, but not lying. And can any political party claim to be totally free from bad judgment?

It’s time to stop navel-gazing and get on with governing.

Peter Williman
Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

SIR – The view seems to be taking hold that many people have broken Covid rules in minor ways that have caused no risk to anyone. Therefore, it should be understandable, and forgivable, that politicians and public servants who organized workplace rallies might not have realized what they were doing was against the rules.

These politicians and officials are the ones who created the stupid rules. They could have issued guidelines instead, which many argued. They could have had less strict rules. They could have allowed people to be with their dying loved ones and attend their funerals, without significant risk. However, they seemed to be of the opinion that the public could not be trusted and had to be scared to comply.

This is why it is important that those in Downing Street who have broken the rules receive appropriate penalties, including the loss of their jobs. Either they understood the rules and broke them, or they didn’t realize what they were imposing on everyone else.

Julian Gall
Godalming, Surrey

SIR – During the lockdowns, our daughter’s wedding was canceled twice. We lost my mother and my younger brother. Like so many others, I was separated from them by Covid regulations and denied a proper farewell.

I find it deeply offensive that MPs, in their position of power and privilege, feel entitled to appropriate the grief of thousands of people like me to exploit a relatively insignificant complaint about office ‘parties’.

Jane St Aubyn
Dunsfold, Surrey

SIR – We’re all fed up. As Mr. Johnson appears to be the main Western supporter of Ukraine, let him remain so until the end of the war. So get rid of him.

There is a Conservative, now in the House of Lords, whose interviews and newspaper articles bear witness to the common sense that this government is so sorely lacking.

For God’s sake, bring Lord Frost into government.

Anna Boer
London SW11

immortal fruits

SIR – I’ve had a bowl of cherry tomatoes on my kitchen counter since November 2021. They’ve stayed firm, not overripe or rotten.

Last spring, I planted seeds taken from an M&S cherry tomato. They grew and fruited in our greenhouse, alongside other varieties. In November, all the unripe cherry tomatoes were used to make chutney, and those few were left to ripen.

Did I create a new eternal variety of tomato?

Margaret Phillips
Kendal, Cumbria

Channel Trafficking

SIR – Many detractors of the new policy directed against illegal cross-Channel immigration do not see the essence of it.

Once migrants find out that they will immediately be sent elsewhere to seek asylum, traffickers will quickly cease their activities. The migrants are not stupid and will not squander the large sums now demanded of them for the promised passage to England if England turns out not to be the final destination.

In America, under the Clinton administration, the same policy worked in the Florida Straits to stop the flow of Haitian boat people. He also worked for Australia during this century, to eliminate illegal trafficking via Indonesia.

Show that traffickers can no longer deliver and boat departures from the Continent will stop quickly and spontaneously.

Brunson McKinley
Former Director General, International Organization for Migration
Geneva, Switzerland

Driverless dystopia

SIR – My German-made car is equipped with many devices to enable vehicles to be autonomous (“The ‘biggest risk’ of driverless cars is falling asleep while watching TV”, report, April 21).

The prospect is frightening. When the multiple cameras aren’t impaired by condensation or frost, the car will steer between the white lines if they’re clear – but suddenly lose the ability to do so if a break appears.

Of more concern is the inability of the “smart” cruise control to accurately read speed limit signs. A 50 mph sign is often read as 80, with the car speeding up accordingly as other traffic slows down.

Hopefully this acceleration will distract the driver from their book or TV show before impact with the vehicle in front does.

Graeme Williams
King’s Hill, Kent

SIR – Presumably our Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, is already asleep at the wheel.

Mike Hearn
Lichfield, Staffordshire

Ways of MasterChef

SIR – I love watching MasterChef but why do the judges have to get up to eat? It seems so unnatural.

Alexandra Elletson
Marlborough, Wiltshire

Cracks in the economic model of egg farming

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