Time to rethink Flower of Scotland as the national anthem | Letters

Gordon Glassford (Letters, April 16) needs “to rethinkabout Flower of Scotland. It is not surprising that the brutal savagery inflicted on the Scots in the past has left an anti-English legacy. The recently renewed emphasis on slavery shows that we cannot simply forget the past and its impact. Looking back is essential to looking forward in the most constructive way. It is absurd to reduce Scottish nationalism to anti-English sentiment. The Scots have a history, a culture, a language and an identity which they quite reasonably wish to enshrine in independence. The imposition of Brexit on Scotland against its will is just the latest example of English arrogance and indifference to Scottish interests. But “we can still stand up now and be [a] nation again”.
Nigel Florence
Mevagissey, Cornwall

A national anthem does not need words. I have always thought that an appropriate anthem for an independent Scotland would be the wonderful theme of the last movement of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3 (the “Scottish”). Moving, romantic and not cluttered with awkward or awkward statements. And the work of a German Jew. A fitting choice for a modern, outward-looking nation.
John Maier

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