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Ukraine stresses the importance of a free press

The horrific news from Bucha, Ukraine has us all thinking: how can this happen? It’s 2022 and it felt like we were living in a semi-civilized world. Clearly, I was wrong.

Russians have a heart, so how can they tolerate the killing of innocents? How can they support the bombardment of maternities, children’s hospitals, humanitarian aid caravans, schools and evacuation corridors? and the torture of civilians? The answer comes as no surprise. Russian citizens do not know that these atrocities are happening. They live in a “vacuum of truth”. Russian state-controlled media reports only Putin-approved information about the fight against imaginary Nazis in Ukraine. Any unauthorized news that seeps into the Russian public is labeled as “fake news”. (Sound familiar?) The bodies of Russian citizens strewn on the streets of Bucha were staged – a hoax – according to reports in Russia. It’s scary. Russian citizens do not hear the truth.

The ongoing tragedy in Ukraine underscores the critical need to support, nurture, and defend a free, fact-checking press in the United States — and everywhere — however irritating it may be at times. “Democracy dies in darkness” is the motto of The Washington Post, and fact checkers are clearly democracy’s unsung heroes. As we all witness the tragedy in Ukraine, we can also say “truth dies in darkness”. Please understand the importance of a verified free press to the continued success of our democracy.

Nancy Fox


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