Indian graphic designer Khyati Trehan creates stunning visuals for the 2022 Oscars

While the 94and The Oscars were full of action (yes, we’re referring to the Will Smith controversy), the Oscars paid particular attention to including the best creatives in the world and honored their determination, their perseverance in their practice. One of the eight creatives who have been invited to contribute to the 2022 Oscars is Indian-born graphic designer and 3D artist, Khyati Trehan. Known for her digital art that seems fluid in nature, and her active participation in 36 days typea project that invites designers, illustrators and artists to share their versions of the letter and numbers of the Latin alphabet, one can easily recognize Trehan’s work among a myriad of graphic arts pool.

Oscar Gallery Profile for Khyati Trehan Image courtesy of the artist

Trehan made the final piece of the Oscars art project by incorporating his exceptional skills in Cinema 4D, professional 3D and 4D modeling software, motion graphics and more. With multiple layers in the process, the graphic designer paid immense attention to the intricate details that contributed to the eventual masterpiece. The figure of Oscar in the center has delicate mid and high tones when zoomed in, and the texture is obvious, which adds to the realistic aura.

Work in progress image for the Oscars art project |  STIRworld
Work in progress image for the Oscars art project Image courtesy of the artist

“Films are the vehicles of the spirit. Our bodies are in one place, but all that makes us live, breathe, human beings are busy feeling, absorbing and believing the stories and characters that the art of cinema sketches so beautifully. The Oscars are a celebration of the diversity of voices and people who have mastered the art. My exploration is an attempt to visualize the immersive power of films; the Oscar statue acts as a representation of every film viewer who are transported to another world, watching the story unfold all around them,” says the Indian artist.

Her work was integral to the announcement of the Oscar winners, particularly for the winners of Animated Feature, Live-Action Short, Makeup & Hair, and Original Screenplay.

Oscar Live Action Short Winner Announced |  STIRworld
Oscar Live Action Shorts Winner Announced Image courtesy of the artist

Trehan’s work is a visual feast for the eyes. She incorporates a playful color palette into her work that reflects a deep sense of calm. Arousing intense emotions through three-dimensional work, Trehan’s practice has been featured in publications such as WIRED, Vice, Communication Arts, fast business, Creative review, That’s right and We present among others. Khyati was one of Print Magazine’s 15 New Visual Artists Under 30 in 2017, was chosen as Art Creator of the Year at Adweek’s Creator Visionary Awards, is a Young Guns 19 winner, and was recently part of the Forbes India 30 under 30 list.

Portrait of the artist |  STIRworld
Visual artist Khyati Trehan Image courtesy of the artist

Based in New Delhi, Trehan has always had a fondness for the visual arts. She graduated from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad in 2014 and has since continued to work across multiple disciplines, often exploring the boundaries of all things visual. She previously worked at IDEO Munich as a senior communication designer. While establishing her work and growing as an artist there, she also worked for clients such as Instagram, Snapchat, New Yorker Magazine, the New York TimesSamsung, PRINT, WeWork, Adobe and Apple.

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Oscars Art Project in motion, 2022, Digital |  STIRworld

Oscars Art Project in motion, 2022, Digital Video: Courtesy of the artist

A global community of more than 10,000 of the most accomplished artists, filmmakers and executives working in film, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes excellence in filmmaking through the Oscars. For the 94and Oscars ceremony, the Academy invited eight artists, David Mcleod, Oscar Okuno, Ari Weinkle, Anna Roberts, Shane Fu, Sally Jo, Khyati Trehan and Vasya Kolotusha, from around the world to each create a representation of the Oscars statuette inspired by their own personal appreciation of the films. Trehan’s portrayal of the Oscar included his renowned art style which is abstract digital art, pleasing to the eye and inspired by his opinions.

Ecotherapy, 2020, Digital |  STIRworld
Ecotherapy, 2020, Digital Image courtesy of the artist

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