Letters: Explanation of gas prices; dictatorship ; Is it support for veterans? ; Repair the monument now

Gas prices explained

The government can influence gasoline prices. For example, in Pennsylvania, the Oil Company Franchise Tax and the Liquid Fuels Tax add $0.576 per gallon to the price of gasoline in 2022. There is also a $0.18 federal tax on gasoline , or approximately $0.76 in taxes on a gallon of gas. Most of these taxes are either used directly to fund road/bridge improvements or paid to local municipalities for similar projects.

Conversations are currently underway here in Pennsylvania and at the federal level about a temporary moratorium on these taxes. Whether that happens remains to be seen. (See PA Transportation and Vehicle Code Omnibus Amendments, 2013 Act 89, and the PA Department of Revenue website on fuel tax rates.)

That said, sudden changes in gas prices are more directly affected by supply and demand issues, not the actions of any government official. About 3% of imported sweet crude into the United States comes from Russia, with a total of 8% of imported petroleum or petroleum distillates coming from Russia. Therefore, the reduction in Russian imports has more impact on the Russian economy than on gasoline prices in the United States.

Finally, the United States produces enough oil to meet its needs when considering total gallons produced, but economics and the type of oil complicate matters. The March 8, 2022 article, “America produces enough oil to meet its needs, so why are we importing crude?” by Matthew Tiller explains why.

And remember that when experts say “the United States” imports or exports oil, they are referring to American companies, not the federal government.

Jason Moser,


“What total hypocrisy!”

That’s what came to mind when I read House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff’s recent op-ed that appeared in several Pennsylvania newspapers.

Benninghoff was right to criticize Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator. But apparently Benninghoff wants us to forget that he tried, along with other Republican politicians, to overturn the results of our 2020 presidential election. This anti-democratic and dictatorial scheme was worthy of Putin himself.

Benninghoff, along with Jake Corman, acting president of the Pennsylvania Senate, and eight representatives from Pennsylvania – John Joyce, Fred Keller, Mike Kelly, Daniel Meuser, Scott Perry, Guy Reschenthaler, Lloyd Smucker and Glenn Thompson – tried to convince Congress to do not count Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. This, despite no evidence, then or now, of systemic voter fraud.

Even after state and federal courts dismissed the lawsuits and Donald Trump and his legal team failed to produce any evidence to back up their baseless claims, 99 congressional and state GOP lawmakers of Pennsylvania all backed the big lie promoted by the wealthy and powerful conservatives bent on winning at all costs.

State Senator Doug Mastriano, who was subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 Committee for his involvement in Trump’s election plan, thinks he should be our next governor!

One of these seditionists, Fred Keller, will not be at the polls this fall. Good riddance.

Hopefully enough people still believe in democracy and fair elections and send these conspirators packing their bags – and into the dustbin of history, where they belong.

Robert Bailie,
State University

Do you call that supporting our veterans?

What is the value of American veterans to the country? Not so much if you check the voting records of Rep. GT Thompson (15th District) and Rep. Fred Keller (12th District), our congressional representatives.

A bipartisan bill has passed the House that would expand health care for veterans who were exposed to toxins while serving. Some veterans have had cancer, chronic bronchiolitis and emphysema, as a result of serving the country in unhealthy environments.

Critics of the bill fear too many veterans would qualify and it would cost too much. There is a simple and obvious solution to this “problem”.

The real question is why wouldn’t a country use all of its resources to protect the soldiers who would fight and die for us? Is the “value” in lives or money?

A good question for Thompson and Keller: “Why did you vote against health care for veterans? »

It’s like… like… I can’t even think of a metaphor for these disgusting reps. I am appalled by their negative vote on this bill.

Janet Friel,
Township of Ferguson

No way to treat Vietnam vets

President Obama signed a law in 2012 to designate March 29 as Vietnam Veterans Day. A few years later, President Trump made it a national holiday to honor those who earned the title “Vietnam Veteran” for their service during the Vietnam War. Representative Mike Hanna honored Vietnam Central Pennsylvania Veterans by dedicating the Livonia Road at Center Hall as the Central Pennsylvania Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway.

Please note that the title of Vietnam Veteran was earned by their/our service in the country or in combat in the theater of the Vietnam War. Veterans who served for the duration of the war are identified as “Vietnam-era veterans.” One group of veterans was in combat and in danger and the other was not. Both served their country honourably.

For more than 10 years, many Vietnam veterans have been asking for the star engraved next to their name to be replaced on the local Miles Township Veterans Monument. They were there to show respect and identify local veterans who served in the Vietnam War and earned the title of “Vietnam Veteran”. This was done by local historians who were part of the original committee that designed the monument. After Miles Township took over the monument, the stars were there for all to see. It was only after a pillar was replaced with all the names of Vietnam veterans that the stars were not re-engraved next to these local hero names.

I have wondered for over 10 years why this happened and why the Miles Township Supervisors Apartment refuses to replace the engraved stars. Why don’t they want future generations to know who the real veterans who fought in the Vietnam War were? As it stands, all veterans named on the monument are incorrectly listed as “Vietnamese-era veterans.” With Vietnam Veterans Day fast approaching, now is the time for the residents of Miles Township to demand that the Veterans Monument be fixed once and for all. They must replace the engraved stars, even if it means asking for proof of service in Vietnam, which was not done the first time and led to errors which led to the replacement of the original pillar.

You have to wonder who was responsible for this event and why did the Miles Township supervisors refuse to make these corrections and properly honor their Vietnam Veterans. They refuse to give a valid answer when asked and adamantly refuse to say who made the decision in the first place. That’s not the way to treat a Vietnam veteran, ever.

Jim Hironimos,
White Hall, Maryland

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