Judas Priest and Queensryche left Irving up in smoke on Friday

Queensryche and Judas Priest cut to the chase when they took the stage at Toyota Music Factory’s Irving’s Pavilion on Friday.

Normally bands like to thank the town, do a little intro and crack a joke, but that wasn’t the case with Judas Priest. They sprinkled their thanks between song builds.

Playing after Queensrychye, Judas Priest began with a heavy metal battle anthem as the four members took their places in the metal factory that was the stage. Heavy billows of smoke billowed from the chimneys, lights flickered everywhere, and the giant Judas Priest emblem lit up every fan’s face. No introduction was made; bandleader Rob Halford just ripped ‘One Shot At Glory’ straight from their 1990 album Pain killer.

The band’s two hours on stage left nothing to be desired: Thrash chords turned into endless divebombs and solos, and the crowd roared the lyrics as Halford blared his signature falsetto screams. Just before the encore, Halford left the stage with the crowd chanting after him, but returned to it shortly afterwards atop a black motorbike, diving into “Hell Bent for Leather”.

He even got a special surprise when he introduced (OK, so there was an introduction) Glenn Tipton, the band’s former guitarist. to end the set on three titles including “Breaking The Law” and their closest “Livin’ After Midnight”. Fifty years of Priest, and they’re still tearing it apart, still wrapped in leather and studs.

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