Letters to the Editor

Thank you from BHS Boys Hockey

We have only just finished the regular season, but we want to take this opportunity to thank the many who have supported BHS men’s hockey this year.

We had a terrific season. It was great to have a full schedule, use the locker room and have fans at games. The Belmont fans were amazing and the overflowing crowd for our last regular season game last Friday gave us an extra boost.

We thank: our coaches Tim Foley, Bob Shea, Ben Fici, Paul Garabedian and Michael Burns for all their time and effort; Adam Pritchard, BHS Sporting Director; DPW’s Frank Sartori and “rink guys” Bob Williams, Steve McBride, Mark Costello, Frank Patti and Dan Sokol who always have the ice ready; Jeff Hansell and Jeremy Meserve of the Belmont Media Center with Matt Rowan and Bob Stonehouse commentating on the live streams; Donna Griffin, Dave Pomer, Tobey Donahue, Michelle Gaziano, Pete and Shannon Noone, Tamara Kefeyan and especially Kelly Rowan and Sheryl Grace who have shown huge support for BHS hockey this season.

The list of local entities that have supported us through our fundraising is long: Belmont Youth Hockey, Belmont Lions Club, Kalin Associates, Albert Bouchie – CB Real Estate, Ameriprise Financial, Annie Mac, Avery Dooley & Noone, Brodigan and Gardiner , Evolved by Nature , GreenHow, Johnson Photography, Mahoney Oil, Maria McLaughlin and Bailey McLaughlin, Max Hockey Development, McCarter and English, McGrath & Kane, Mortgage Network, O’Connor Education, Pavilion Flooring, Quebrada, Ramey Builders, Rocha Construction, Town Tavern, Bel Cuisines, Belmont Printing, Peter Bouchie – CB Realty, Martha Brown Realtor, Champions Sporting Goods, Donahue’s Bar and Grill, Eastern Lamejun Bakers, Fiorella’s, Foley Hoag, HDC Group, Knight Protection Services, Law offices of Koslowky, MaMagoos , Terry McCarthy – CB Realty, Barbara Nolan – CB Realty, Christine Pomer – CB Realty, The Spirited Gourmet, Sports Etc, Viglirolo Painting, Watertown Field Hockey, Waverly Insurance, Adam Dash & Associ ates, Barrett Sothe by’s International Realty, Belmont Police Patrolman’s Association, A Chocolate Dream, Doorway Decor, Il Casale, Paradise Flowers, Rosales & Rosales, The Wellington, Belmont Caffe, Belmont Driving School. In addition, many friends and family relations made donations this year. We thank them all very much.

Finally, thank you to our parents and families who supported us from the first day we put on the skates.

On behalf of the whole team,

Captains: Ryan Griffin, Matty Rowan, Cam Fici, Shay Donahue, Joe Gaziano and Peter Grace

Support Epstein for Select Board

I write in strong support of Roy Epstein’s bid for re-election to the Belmont Select Board. As a member of Town Meeting, I had a front row seat to observe Roy’s service to the town.

Sitting on the Select Board requires real knowledge of the ins and outs of local government. Roy has dedicated hundreds of hours to making responsible and informed decisions. Experience matters, and Roy brings two decades of public service experience to the select committee.

A recent example is the Community Path. Roy has always supported the Belmont Community Road, which will reduce traffic congestion and save the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. However, he was unwilling to sacrifice an important local business for a larger easement. Roy’s questions over the summer of 2021, combined with opposition from Town Meeting, persuaded the project engineer to stay in the original easement, avoiding endless litigation and economic harm.

A second reason to support Roy is that he does his homework. He delves into the details of statutes, budgets and regulations. He then proceeds to a rigorous analysis that leads to creative solutions. I can trust Roy to give me a fully informed answer to a question.

An important example of this is Roy’s comparison of investment returns from the Belmont Retirement System with returns from the Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Trust (PRIT). As a member of the Mandates Committee, I had long suspected that BRS had lower returns than PRIT, but I didn’t know that until Roy independently produced a financial analysis going back more than a decade. The City cannot force the BRS Board of Directors to fully invest in the PRIT, but at least we now have the data to demonstrate that it should.

Please join me on Tuesday April 5th and vote to re-elect Roy to the Belmont Board of Directors. He has the experience, insight and analytical skills that Belmont needs.

– Elizabeth Harmer Dionne, Municipal Assembly, Sector 2

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