Best ‘Wordle’ starting word, according to a ‘former gifted kid’ on TikTok

wordle may seem as a casual game just for fun, but it has become a fierce competition among its most passionate players. Some are content to guess their best at the daily puzzle, but others have taken extreme measures to find the best way to guess their 5 letter word as quickly as possible. A womanwho claims to be a “former gifted kid,” shared an unnamed new strategy that quickly caught the attention of wordle fans on TikTok.

Kasey Jacksona beauty entrepreneur, put it online wordle strategy video on behalf of the brand for his company, @flutterhabit. FlutterHabit is known for eyelash extensions that are applied under the eyelash instead of more, which she shows while explaining her wordle starting word. His The video – which appears to feature a Flutter Habit employee rather than Jackson herself – has racked up more than 300,000 views at this time, proving how many viewers at the company found it interesting despite the loose connection.

In an effort to outdo her family and friends in this daily mind game, this woman has concocted a strategy to eliminate as many consonant pairings as possible.

An anonymous but highly regarded Wordle strategist.

Before its own strategy, it cites two categories of wordle strategies and problems of each. The first is what she calls the “Vanna White Rule”, which uses RSTLNE. For those who don’t know, RSTLNE is a method popularized by Wheel of Fortune and based on statistics on the frequency of appearance of letters in the English language. However, she does not believe in it much due to chance. Meanwhile, the other most popular strategy is to use tons of vowels to eliminate irrelevant ones. She dismissed this one as well, saying Wordle is about consonants — or specific sets of consonants.

She then details her strategy, which uses consonant digraphs, consonant blends and consonant endings. Early on, she noticed that she liked the letter “H” because of how often it appeared in words beginning with sh, th, ch, etc. It was particularly helpful for him to include “H” to eliminate the letters before or after. The question then became, instead of how often does a letter appear in the English language, how often does it appear in these digraphs and blends?

She showed her work, so you know she’s legit.

After months of strategizing, she discovered her perfect seed word. She calculated this seed word by listing all consonant blends and counting how often each letter of the alphabet appeared in those blends. The results revealed that RLTSPHC were the most common letters. Only one of the “consonant” mixtures included a vowel, which was QU. So the seed word should have as many of these letters as possible, including U. This just adds the extra step of making it easier to eliminate words with QU.

So what’s his word?

This is thug. If you don’t know what it is, that’s okay, neither do I. It is apparently a cow hip joint. Consider it two fun facts in one day.

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