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Hoping for the best for a retired television journalist

Regarding the February 19 Gazette article (“Thousands Raised for Longtime Local TV Reporter”) I believe what Ken Screven said about care or lack of care he received there.
I know people who had family members there, and their stories match those of Mr. Screven.
I hope he gets the care he deserves and recovers quickly.
Rita Smith

The writer is right about what America needs

With regard to Connie Hayner’s February 21 letter (“Changes Needed to Improve Our Country”), thank you for your concise proposals for improving America.
The items listed are the keys to the continuity of our freedom and democracy.
Bruce Reisner

America must turn daily to God

We live in dangerous times. I call on all churches, regardless of denomination, to end their services by reminding their parishioners to pray for world conversion, an end to abortion and world peace throughout their week. of work.
This should be done weekly.
Most people go to church on weekends and prayer usually stops there.
We live with countries like Russia that have bad leaders. People who live in these countries cannot say anything or they will be killed or put in prison.
Let’s not forget September 11, 2001. Let’s not forget that in 1941, Japan attacked America.
When these heinous acts occur, people are shocked for a month. We storm churches on Sunday, then go back to our old ways, and our prayers for peace come to an end.
The First World War was to end all wars. Then there was World War II. We now have suicide bombers who sacrifice their lives for their cause.
We must bring God back into the world. I grew up in the best times, because it was a godly country.
Look at the mess our country is in. We are divided – this is not peace. Crime is endemic. Inadequate protection of our borders allows criminals and terrorists to enter our country. God is real and we need to surrender to him every day, not just at a weekend service.
With God, everything falls into place. To wake up!
Virginia Del Gallo

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