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The correspondence on the meaning of “awakened” illustrates the cognitive bias of not seeing ourselves as others see us, and vice versa (Letters, February 22). A quick scan of other newspapers tells me that woke means self-righteous, puritanical, authoritarian and intolerant.
Paul Whitby
Lavington Market, Wiltshire

Jenny Welsh describes her alphabetical list of countries to recite while she falls asleep (Letters, February 22) as “Azerbaijan to Zambia”. I think she’s 11 short, mostly in the front, but if she had started using it before 1980, Zimbabwe wouldn’t have existed yet.
Fergus Nicol
Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, Powys

In response to Varrie Blowers (Letters, February 17), our current monarch is fortunately not descended from Charles II, who had no legitimate children. His ancestor Stuart of the Hanoverian line is his grandfather James I. I know I should go out more.
George Howson

I am with Valerie Gidlow (Letters, February 20). Now 80 years old, I remember well, as a schoolgirl, going to see Bill Haley and his comets at the Grand Theater in Swansea. How my hardened parents got me the ticket, I’ll never know.
Julia Phillips
Combe Down, Somerset

All this talk of shoes to wear only outdoors (Letters, February 21) reminds me fondly of the late Guardian columnist Michele Hanson trudging around the corner in her slippers to post a letter.
David Hammer

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