Letters to the editor of February 20, 2022

Reduce gun violence in Gainesville

I recently read about the increase in gun violence in Gainesville. I grew up here in the early 1970s and don’t remember gun violence being the pervasive problem it is today.

Today, firearms are the leading cause of death among children and adolescents in the United States. Today, the problem of gun violence is totally out of control.

Everyone in the United States, gun owner or not, is at greater risk due to increased gun violence. Although it may seem impossible to change something that seems so ingrained in our culture, this issue is worth fighting for. Research shows that common sense solutions and community interventions can make a huge difference.

I often feel like the real enemies in this fight are the ones trying to make sure the stakeholders are never all in the same room to figure things out. So, let’s all enter the room! Come to the Day of Action in Florida on Sunday, February 27, from 2-5 p.m., outside at the MLK Multi-Purpose Center.

The event will feature speakers, entertainment, and opportunities to take meaningful action to support vital legislation and community organizations doing the work to reduce violence right here in Gainesville. More info at: https://momsdemandaction.org/fl22/

Andrea Holbrook-Wagman, Gainesville

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Noise pollution

Let’s start with a definition of “muffler”: a device for reducing the noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine – specifically a sound deadening device that is part of an automobile’s exhaust system, according to Wikipedia.

If ever there was a one-word oxymoron, “silent” gets my vote!

Gainesville and Alachua County appear to have abandoned any pretense of enforcing noise ordinances when it comes to motorcycles or other vehicles. See Chapter 15 of the Gainesville Ordinance Code for city-specific details.

We live approximately 1 1/2 miles from the nearest major thoroughfare – Northwest 43rd Street. Yet we are frequently disturbed by the noise of motorcycles, as well as that of other vehicles (including, in my observations, pick-up trucks with oddly raised front suspensions that make them seem to be constantly rolling uphill, and clearly overtaking most cars in the event of a rear-end collision.!).

I agree with the opinion of Scot Smith in the February 13 edition of The Sun. We should enforce the ordinance, or just recognize that we’re just going to look away (“listen”?). It really is “pollution”.

Steve Kirn, Gainesville

Pay attention

We talk a lot in our city about speed limits in relation to pedestrians. I recently saw three vehicles crossing a crosswalk with a stop sign for cars to stop when a pedestrian is waiting to cross. It was at the crosswalk near the Atrium. Luckily, the woman waited to cross to make sure the cars heading for the crosswalk stopped.

I saw three vehicles ignore the sign and the pedestrian and continue on their way without realizing what they had done. Speed ​​wasn’t the issue; it was ignoring the rules of the road.

Drivers should pay attention not only to speed, but also to traffic signs. Fortunately, nothing happened because of a clever pedestrian. Attention, drivers!

Donna W. Garrett, Gainesville

Critical mind

The Sun recently quoted Governor Ron DeSantis as saying that schools need to teach students science, history, civics, an understanding of our Constitution and what makes our country great. Very good, but he left out one very important thing and that is to teach students to think critically.

Howard B. Rothman, Gainesville

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