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the [Fredericksburg] The Free Lance-Star editorial “Answer the Tough Charter Questions First” (February 1) misses what America is all about.

Americanism implies freedom of choice. This editorial continues the progressive effort to ordain public school educators as unquestioned priests of truth and to eradicate the private and charter school heresy as un-American, elitist, or redneck efforts. Teaching is a responsible trust, not a right.

America is about competition. Public school teachers need to stop hiding behind unions and get used to them. Many public schools have totally failed to offer a relevant and accurate history of the United States and to enforce discipline so that learning can take place. And many parents deny their child’s misbehavior, but that has to change. Private schools make you sign an agreement allowing discipline.

WBFF-TV in Baltimore discovered a large number of high school students reading at the elementary level.

A friend of mine taught social studies at a high school in Fairfax County. In 2007 he told me that “most of these kids can’t string together a coherent sentence” and “I don’t know any teachers who give homework because it won’t get done.”

A math professor who had taught in three jurisdictions said, “Virginia Beach students could do the work, but they refused.

In Nelson County they tried to get the job done but couldn’t.

At McLean they could get the job done, but eventually [coping with parents and bureaucrats] has become unsustainable.

No parent watching their children?

Today’s kid who refuses to do homework is tomorrow’s employee who smokes weed and gets sick.

Teenagers should know that the typical mainland Chinese works 12 hours a day, six days a week.

So kids, start appreciating the America that gives you tangible freedoms!

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