The Best Wordle Tips and Tricks

There are thousands of five-letter words in the English dictionary, but it only takes one to win Wordle.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned wordler who plays at midnight when a new word drops, these tips will help you develop a strategy or improve on the one you’ve already created. Let’s start.

1. Click this link.

2. You have six tries to guess the five-letter word of the day.

3. Type your guess and submit your word by pressing the “Enter” key on the Wordle keyboard.

4. The color of the tiles will change once you submit your word. A yellow tile indicates that you have chosen the correct letter but it is in the wrong place. The green tile indicates that you have chosen the correct letter in the correct place. The gray tile indicates that the letter you have chosen is not included in the word at all.

5. Continue until you solve the Wordle or run out of guesses. Good luck!

Although there is no guaranteed success rate, starting with the same word each time can give you a basic strategy for each game. Eventually, you might choose the right word on your first try. Editors, TikTokers and YouTubers have even done statistical analyzes on letter frequency, so you can use their data as a resource.

Mix it up and try something new every game. This is author John Green’s strategy. “My Wordle strategy is to start each puzzle with a word I’ve never used before,” Green said in an email. “I know it’s not the ideal strategy, or even the right one, but I like it,” he added. “I usually get it in four, which is perfect for me because the stress of the fifth and sixth guesses is almost unbearable.”

Some Wordle players have successfully started with a word containing multiple vowels. “Goodbye”, “audio” or “canoe”, for example, can be good words to start with because at least three of the five letters are vowels.

Following your first guess with a word that contains entirely different letters can help you succeed in Wordle because part of the game is about the process of elimination.

While some people may call it cheating, others might call it just a little help. If you’re confused and can’t think of a solid five-letter word, you can use a database like Best Word List to help you think.

Just because your green tile appeared in one place doesn’t mean it won’t appear elsewhere. “I remember there was a lot of annoyance on Twitter when ‘knoll’ was the word,” said Dan Sanderson of Seattle. “This is one of the few aspects of varietal difficulty that we encounter in Wordle’s word choices, even though they are relatively common words. A repeated letter makes your guesses less effective because it hides information from you.

Or go back to basics. “If I feel like I’m stuck, instead of looking at the interface, I just take a sheet of paper and write the word with the white dots, which are the letters I still have to guess,” Paola Tamma, a 29-year-old reporter who lives in Brussels, said. Instead of reusing letters that you know are greyed out, try stepping back and placing a filler letter, such as “X”, in the blank tile. You never know what word may come to mind.

Take a look at your stats after completing a game and use the data to improve your Wordle strategy. Your stats table will show the number of matches you’ve played, your winning percentage, your current streak, and your longest streak. Focus on guess distribution. If you start with the same word every time and it doesn’t work, start tomorrow’s Wordle with a new word. Also, practice makes perfect.

Wordle’s hard mode adds a rule to make the game slightly harder. Once players have found a correct letter in a word – yellow or green – those letters must be used in their subsequent guesses. “It actually limits your ability to search for more information,” Sanderson said. This can help you solve your game in fewer guesses, but significantly reduces the word list.

Mr Sanderson added that hard mode is indeed harder, but it forces you to stare at the keyboard longer and not go back over letters you’ve already used. And when you share your wins, your Hard Mode score will come with an asterisk to prove you tried that extra touch.

Once you’ve found the word of the day, there’s no shame in sharing your score on social media, with your friends in group texts, or wherever you want to brag. Click “Share” once your game is over, then copy and paste your green and yellow squares to your platform of choice. The squares that appear are from your Wordle guesses that day.

The best part? They are spoiler-free.

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