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Photo CP: Pam Smith

A charcuterie board in the Allegheny Wine Mixer

Romantic dinners always seem like a given for dates. The couples fight to get reservations at the best restaurants, then go all out for steak, lobster, oysters and cocktails. But giving it your all also means the night is over after the last bite of the molten lava cake, with sex sidelined by the bloating and discomfort that comes from eating rich, indulgent foods.

Here has Pittsburgh City Paper, we go all out to make sure you have the best dates imaginable, including those planning to get physical. We’ve compiled a list of local bars and restaurants where you can enjoy light fare that will satisfy you before you’re satisfied. Keep this list handy the next time you meet that potential special someone or if you want to take your current love for a night on the town.

Allegheny Wine Mixer

5326 Butler Street, Lawrenceville.

For a bar decorated in wall-to-wall kitsch, the Allegheny Wine Mixer makes for a surprisingly welcoming space for dates. The expertly curated wine list, as well as select beers and cocktails, also helps. They also have small tasting plates, with everything from charcuterie boards with meat, cheeses and nuts, to tasty grilled sandwiches that will tame your appetite without filling you up. Share an order of buttered and salted Castelvetrano olives, chicken liver pâté or hummus. There are also some sweet options.

With Alma

5884 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside and 613 Penn Ave., Downtown.

There’s a reason Con Alma was voted one of the best bars in America by Esquire. The concept, located in both downtown and Shadyside, combines a chic and intimate setting with regular jazz performances, all complemented by an extensive list of cocktails and house wines (beer and non-alcoholic options are also available). available). Also expect to find tasty dishes, most of which come in small portions or portions to share. Omnivores can enjoy Latin-inspired shrimp and fish, guacamole, chicken and more downtown. Shadyside’s new all-vegetarian menu also wows with plant-based tartars and salsas, empanadas and other dishes.


124 S. Highland Ave., East Liberty.

This space inspired by Austrian breweries might specialize in heavy beers, but the food won’t weigh you down. The menu offers more personal wood-fired pizzas, including a cashew cheese vegan one. There are also bean or pepper dips, charcuterie plates, olives and other goodies to enjoy over drinks and conversation in a casual atmosphere. If you’re worried about drinking too much of the delicious, high-alcohol beer, you can also choose to try some of the bar’s lighter wines or cocktails.


202 38th Street, Lawrenceville.

Located on the third floor above Round Corner Cantina, Umami offers great views, a sexy, neon-lit Japanese pub-style vibe, and best of all, multi-date-worthy food. Choose from a long list of bite-sized sushi prepared in a variety of styles and ingredients. Pair one of Umami’s sweet and refreshing cocktails with savory edamame, vegetable or pork gyozas, seared tuna tataki, or other selections.

40 North

40 W. North Ave., north side.

Opening in summer 2021, this culinary addition to the City of Asylum and Alphabet City headquarters serves brunches, lunches and dinners. It also has a distinct selection of starters that can easily become the main course of any outing. The current menu offers enticing choices inspired by cuisines from around the world, including Khachapuri, a type of Georgian cheese bread, Za’atar spiced goat cheese, fried olives, and more. The selection reflects City of Asylum and Alphabet City’s mission to host and showcase writers and artists from around the world, primarily those fleeing persecution in their home countries.

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